Maxwell Street Blues

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  • Maxwell St du 25 Janvier 2022

    Crystal THOMAS-Now dig this !-I’m a fool for you baby-Dialtone
    Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-Fishing in the rain-Phoebus Music
    Johnny TUCKER-75 alive-Treat me good-Blue Heart Records
    THE SUPER SOUL BROTHERS-Shadows & lights-Sookie sookie baby-Dixiefrog
    Mr. TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-My wife is crying-Bluztrack
    Wee Willie WALKER AND THE Anthony PAULE SOUL ORCHESTRA-Not in my life-Let the lady dance-Blue Dot Records
    TRAINMAN BLUES-Shadows and sharps-shadows and shapes-Krudtmeer
    BIG DADDY WILSON-Hard time blues-Maybe it’s time-Continental Blue Heaven
    Carolyn WONDERLAND-Tempting fate-The laws must change-Alligator Records
    Zac HARMON-Long as I got my guitar-Waiting to be free-Catfood Records
    SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-I’m your hoochie coochie man-Dixiefrog
    Katie HENRY-On my way-Bury you-Ruf Records
    Mick KOLASSA-Wasted youth-Throwing away these blues-Endless Blues Records

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  • Maxwell St du 18 Janvier 2022

    Christone Kingfish INGRAM-662-My bad-Alligator Records
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Everytime I see you walking-Self
    BENOIT BLUE BOY ET LES. TORTILLEURS-Résolument bleu-Jamais parfait-Tempo Records
    Cedric BURNSIDE-I be trying-Get down-Single Lock Records
    Tommy CASTRO-A bluesman came to town-You to hold on to-Alligator Records
    Elder Jack WARD-Already made-Shout trouble is over-Bible & Tire Recordings Elizabeth KING-Living in the last days-Living in the last days-Bible & Tire Recordings
    Hans TEESSINK & BIG DADDY WILSON-Pay day-Virus blues-Blue Groove
    PG PETRICCA-Bad days-Let me out-Self
    Teresa JAMES & THE RHYTHM TRAMPS-Rose colored glasses-I got a love I wanna hold on to-Blue Heart Records
    Rusty ENDS BLUES BAND-Rusty Ends Blues Band-I wanna know-Earwig Music
    GA-20-Does Hound Dog Taylor : Try it… You might like it !-Sitting at home alone-Alligator Records
    BLACK PUMAS-Black Pumas-Ain’t no love in the heart of the city-ATO Records
    THE Ronnie WOOD BAND-Mr. Luck A tribute to jimmy Reed-Good lover-BMG

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  • Maxwell St du 11 Janvier 2022

    ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Holler if you hear me-Full moon, half crazy-Blind Pig Records
    Guy KING-Joy is comling-Up, up, up-IBF Records
    Clarende SPADY-Surrender-K Man-Nola Blue Records
    MEMPHISSIPPI SOUNDS-Welcome to the land-Who’s gonna ride-Little Village Foundation
    Robert FINLEY-Sharecropper’s son-Make me feel alright-Easy Eye Sound
    THE PORKROLL PROJECT-Papa didn’t raise me right-Sentenced to the blues-PRP Music
    Joe Louis WALKER-Eclectic electric-Uptown girl blues-Cleopatra Blues
    Dionne BENNETT-Sugar hip ya ya-Full time job-Hunnia Records
    Elly WININGER-The blues never end-(I wanna be like) Rosie-Earwig Music
    Natalia M. KING-Woman mind of my own-Pink houses-Dixiefrog
    DION-Stomping ground-Hey diddle diddle-Keeping The Blues Alive Records
    Katie HENRY-On my way-Too long-Ruf Records

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  • Maxwell St du 04 Janvier 2022

    Luca GIORDANO-Let’s talk about it-Next time-Blue Crawfish Records
    Mr TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-Ain’t superstitious-Bluz Track
    Chris CAIN-Raisin’ Cain-Down on the ground-Alligator Records
    EDDIE 9V-Little black flies-She’s got some money-run Records
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Spider in my stew-Talk to your daughter-Vizztone GOV’T MULE-Heavy load blues-Make it rain-Fantasy
    Ismo HAAVISTO, Andres ROOTS & Matias PARTANEN-Tribute to Elmore-Dust my broom-Roots Art Records
    Andres ROOTS-Afternoon-Bye bye Berry-Roots Art Records
    Chris FORD & THE SUBOURBON BLUES PROJECT-Where concrete meets the grass-Whiskey still-Self
    THE OLD N° 5S-Moment to lose-Same old you-Self
    ALEXX & THE MOOONSHINERS-7 year itch-Down & out-M & O Music
    Willie JACKSON-All in the blues-She need satisfied-Self
    WENTUS BLUES BAND-From the barrell-A little more time-Ramasound

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  • Maxwell St du 28 Décembre 2021

    Katie HENRY-On my way-On my way- Ruf Records
    BIG DEZ-Chicken in the car and. The car don’t go !-Up and down the road-Socadisc
    Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-If it bleeds it leads-Socadisc
    GOV’T MULE-Heavy load blues-Long distance call-Fantasy
    KELLY’S LOT-Where and when-Stronger-Self
    Teresa JAMES & THE RHYTHM TRAMPS-Rose colored glasses-Takes one to know one-Blue Heart Records
    Jon SPEAR BAND-B Side of my life-Big talk-Self
    Hughes TAYLOR-Modern nostalgia-Wicked woman-Self
    MEAN OLD FIREMAN AND THE CRUEL ENGINEERS-Dumpster fire-Cold woman with warm hearts-Self
    LITTLE BIG 6STER-LB6-Disappear-Self
    Elizabeth KING-Living in the last days-He touched me-Bible & Tire Recordings
    Elder Jack WARD-Already made-He’s got great things-Bible & Tire Recordings
    Ben LEVIN-Still here-I’m your essential worker-Vizztone
    Fred BARRETO GROUP-Moving on-Dream again-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 21 Décembre 2021

    MEMPHISSIPPI SOUNDS-Welcome to the land-Who’s gonna ride-Little Village Foundation
    Mr. TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-Louise-Bluztrack Productions
    THE EXCITEMENTS-Keepin’ on-Find a man-Satélite K
    Deb RYDER-Memphis moonlight-Hold on-Vizztone
    Dona HERULA-Bang at the door-Can’t wait to see my baby-Self
    THE KOKOMO KINGS-A drive by love affair-Gotta get it off the hook-Rhythm & Bomb Records
    JD TAYLOR-Tony Holiday’s porch sessions-Family tree-Blue Hearty Records
    Robert FINLEY-Sharecropper’s son-Souled out on you-Easy Eye Sound
    Chris DANIELS, Hazel MILLER & Dana MARSH-What we did-Down home blues-Moon Voyage Records
    BOOGIE BEASTS-Love me some-A girl like you-Donor Productions SUPERDOWHOME-No balls, no blues chips-Homework-Dixiefrog
    Thorbjorn RISAGER-Best of-Heart of the night-Ruf Records
    Mick KOLASSA-Uncle Mick’s Christmas album-Merry Christmas baby-Endless Blues Records

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  • Maxwell St du 14 Décembre 2021

    Seth Lee JONES-Flathead-Driving wheel-Horton Records
    Big Daddy WILSON-Hard times blues-Meatballs-Continental Blue Heaven
    Tommy CASTRO-A bluesman came to town-Child don’t go-Alligator Records
    Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-Monkey on my back-Self
    Iker PIRIS AND HIS DUAL ELECTRAS-Electra-Out of control-El Toro Records
    LITTLE G WEEVIL-Live acoustic session-Keep going-Hunnia Records
    CIRCLE OF MUD-Circle Of Mud-Victim of love-Dixiefrog
    ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Holler if you hear me-Full moon, half crazy-Blind Pig Records
    ALABAMA SLIM-The parlor-Midnight rider-Cornelius Chapel
    Eric CLAPTON-The lady in the balcony : lockdown sessions-Long distance call-Bushbranch Productions
    GOV’T MULE-Heavy load blues-Hole in my soul-Fantasy
    Dionne BENNETT-Sugar hip ya ya-Don’t fall for love-Hunnia Records
    Phillip Michael SCALES-Sinner songwriter-Lover, let me be-Dixiefrog
    Lowell FUSLON-Live with Jeff Dale & The Blue Wave Band-Too many drivers-Pro Sho Bidness

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  • Maxwell St du 07 Décembre 2021

    THE SUPER SOUL BROTHERS-Shadows & lights-Comin’ home baby-Dixiefrog
    Hanna PK-Blues all over my shoes-Insomnia blues-Vizztone
    Carolyn WONDERLAND-Tempting fate-Broken hearted blues-Alligator Records
    Mick KOLASSA-Wasted youth-Easy doesn’t live here-Endless Blues Records
    LADY A-Satisfyin’-Whatever you do-Lady A Productions
    Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Ce que nous sommes-Self
    MISS LADY BLUES-Moe betta blues-Baby-Self
    MOTOR CITY JOSH & THE BIG 3-Finding a new gear-I’m on fire-Self
    THE Mick SCHAFFER BAND-Back to the blues-Astara-Self
    PG PETRICCA-Bad days-I don’t wanna change-Self
    WENTUS BLUES BAND-From the barrels-Close talker-Ramasound Records
    Willie JACKSON-All in the blues-The whole book is wet-Self
    THE RAGGED ROSES-Do me right-One look-Donor Productions
    CHICKENBONE SLIM-Serve it to me hot-Top of the clouds-Vizztone

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