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  • Maxwell St du 21 Janvier 2020

    Tomàs DONCKER-Evil-Moanin’ at midnight-True Groove Records
    Kern PRATT-Hard working man-Greenville,MS… What about you ?-Endless Blues Records
    Chris SHUTTERS-Poor boy blue-Good gone bad-Third Street Cigar Records
    MISS BEE & THE BULLFROGS-Kindness got limits-Miss Bee & The Bullfrogs-Self
    DOC LOU AND THE ROOSTERS-I am free-Crowing blues-Self
    Thorbjorn RISAGER & THE BLACK TORNADO-Come on in-Come on in-Ruf Records
    Coco MONTOYA-I wouldn’t wanna be you-Coming in hot-Alligator Records
    Sid WHELAN-Legba ain’t no devil-Waitin’ for payday-presidio Records
    Bai KAMARA Jr & THE VOODOO SNIFFERS-Can’t wait here too long-Salone-Moosicus Records
    KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-My name is George Stinney-Once upon a time…-Self
    PACO DUKE-I always will-Only dreams come true-Paco Duke Music
    JACK MACK & THE HEART ATTACK-Woman thing-Live from Centennial Park Atlanta-Free Roll Records
    THE TESKEY BROTHERS-Carry you-Run home slow-Decca Music

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  • Maxwell St du 14 janvier 2020

    FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Gonna roll-Nothin’ but-Fatso Records
    Betty FOX BAND-Green light-Peace in pieces-Foxy Cavanagh Productions
    Johnny RAWLS-Giving you something you can feel-I miss Otis Clay-Third Street Cigar Records
    THE JIMMYS-Started up again-Gotta have it-Brown Cow Productions
    Jimmy “Duck” HOLMES-Hard times-Cypress Grove-Easy Eye Sound
    Katy Hobgood RAY Featuring Dave RAY-Oh devil-I dream of water-Out Of The Past Music
    Toronzo CANNON-I’m not scared-The preacher, the politician or the pimp-Alligator Records
    POPA CHUBBY-The flavor is in the fat-It’s a mighty hard road-Dixiefrog
    Matt VANDERSCHEID-Look at me, girl-Matt Vanderscheid-Self
    SUGAR BLUE-And the devil too-Colors-Blue Savage Publishing
    11 GUYS QUARTET-Doggin’ it-Small blues and grooves-Vizztone
    Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Sweet brown eyed woman-Dog, saint and sinner-Music Box Publishing
    MISS BIX & THE BLUES FIX-If you’re doing what I’m thinking-We don’t own the blues-Self
    Frank BEY-He stopped loving her today-All my dues are paid-Nola Blue Records
    Johnny BURGIN-You took the bait-Live-Delmark Records

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  • Maxwell St du 07 Janvier 2020

    Ronnie WOOD with HIS WILD FIVE-Wee wee hours-Mad lad-BMG
    Thorbjorn RISAGER & THE BLACK TORNADOES-Over the hill-Come on in-Ruf Records
    Laurent CHOUBRAC & Jean-Christophe PAGNUCCO-Omaha-Va savoir où ce chemin nous mène-Self
    ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Too mad to make up-Ten thousand watts-Blind Pig Records
    BOURBON STREET-My hometown-Stop and listen-Self
    Dave SPECTER-The blues ain’t nothin’-Blues from the inside out-Delmark Records
    Kai STRAUSS & THE ELECTRIC BLUES ALL STARS-Ain’t gonna ramble no more-Live in concert-Continental Records Services
    GHALIA-Drag me down-Mississippi blend-Ruf Records
    Fabrice FALANDRY-Au creux des verres-Le goût de l’effort-Yokatta Records
    Theo LAWRENCE-The worst in me-Sauce piquante-Tomika Records
    Tomislav GOLUBAN-Bag full of troubles-Chicago rambler-Spona
    Rick ESTRIN & THE NIGHTCATS-House of grease-Contemporary-Alligator Records

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  • Maxwell St du 31 Décembre 2019

    Delbert McCLINTON-Mr Smith-Tall, dark & handsome-Hot Shot Records
    Coco MONTOYA-Good man gone-Coming in hot-Alligator Records
    Breezy RODIO-A minute of my kissing-If it ain’t broke don’t fix it-Delmark Records
    THE KOKOMO KINGS-It ain’t my house-Fighting fire with gasoline-Rhythm Bomb Records
    Tiffany POLLACK & Eric JOHANSON-Diamonds on the crown-Blues in my blood-Nola Blue Records
    Willie BUCK-I got you-Willie Buck way-Delmark Records
    Hannah WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS-50 foot woman-50 foot woman-Record Kicks
    BIG DADDY WILSON-Ain’t got no money-Deep in my soul-Ruf Records
    PROFESSOR LOUIE AND THE CROWMATIX-Love bound-Miles of blues-Woodstock Records
    MOONSHINE SOCIETY-Shake-Sweet thing-Mojo Music
    Grady CHAMPION-Who you been giving it to-A tribute to ZZ Hill-Malaco
    Big Jon ATKINSON-Don’t treat like you used-Raw blues-Bigtone Records
    THE B.B. KING BLUES BAND-Regal blues-The soul of the king-Ruf Records
    Alexis EVANS-It’s not wrong-I’ve come a long way-Record Kicks

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  • Maxwell St du 24 Décembre 2019

    Steve KRASE BAND-Jingle bells-Connor Ray Christmas-Connor Ray Music
    Trudy LYNN-Go tell it on the mountain-Connor Ray Christmas-Connor Ray Music
    Michele D’AMOUR & THE LOVE DEALERS-Funky Santa-Christmas in blue-Warrior Poet Productions
    John LEGEND-Merry merry Christmas-A legendary Christmas-John Legend Music
    Davis COEN-Love grows for Christmas-Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon
    Eric CLAPTON-It’s Christmas-Happy Xmas-Polydor Records
    Meg WILLIAMS-Let it ring- Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon
    THE Reverend Shawn AMOS & THE BROTHERHOOD-Counting down the days-Single-Blue Sky
    Benny TURNER-I want some Christmas cheer- Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon
    Tomislav GOLUBAN-Hayloft blues-Memphis light-Spona
    DELTA MOON-Christmas time in New Orleans-Babylon is falling-Jumping Jack Records
    Buddy GUY-Home for Christmas-Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon KELLY’S LOT-Angels we have heard on high-Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon
    Peter V BLUES TRAIN-I’ll be home for Christmas-Blind Raccoon holiday collection-Blind Raccoon

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  • Maxwell St du 17 Décembre 2019

    SUGAR BLUE-Dirty ole man-Colors-Blue Savage Publishing
    THE JIMMYS-Started up again-Gotta have it-Brown Cow Productions
    Junior WATSON-Well, you know-Nothin’ to it but to do it-Little Village Foundation Terry HANK-I still get excited-I still get excited-Vizztone
    Rae GORDON BAND-Got to have you-Wrong kind of love-Rae Grodon Music
    THE CASH BOX KINGS-Ain’t no fun-Hail to the kings-Alligator Records
    Matt T. WALL-Quicksand-Transpacific blues volume 1-Hipsterdumpster Records
    BLACK CAT BONES-Manslaughter-Tattered & torn-Self
    POPA CHUBBY-Let love free the day-It’s a mighty hard road-Popa Chubby Productions
    BISCUIT MILLER AND THE MIX-Take a ride-Chicken grease-American Showplace Music
    Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Keep on keepin’ on-Dog, saint and sinner-Music Box Publishing
    Francesco PIU-Stones in my passway-Crossing-Appaloosa Records
    KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-On crev’ de blues-Once upon a time…-Self
    Johnny RAWLS-I can’t let nobody-I miss Otis Clay-Third street Cigar Records

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  • Maxwell St du 10 Décembre 2019

    11 GUYS QUARTET - Road trippin’ – Small blues and grooves – Vizztone
    Jay GORDON’S BLUES VENOM – Voodoo boogie – Slide rules ! – City Hall Records
    Steve HOWELL & Jason WEINHEIMER – Blues in the night – History rhymes – Out Of The Past Music
    Rae GORDON BAND – Might as well be you – Wrong side of love –Rae Gordon Music
    Kathy BOYE & THE DTG GANG – Well on my road – I feel alive – Eureka Live
    Francesco PIU – Come on in my kitchen – Crossing – Appaloosa Records
    THE Don WASHINGTON TRIO – A wild wild woman – The Don Washington Trio – Self
    Christone « Kingfish » INGRAM – Fresh out – Kingfish – Alligator Records
    ALABAMA MIKE – Black Cadillac – Hip you to my blues – Bigtone Records
    Theo LAWRENCE – Evangeline – Sauce piquante – Tomika Records
    MISS BEE & THE BULLFROGS – Kindness got limits – Miss Bee & The Bullfrogs – Self
    Breezy RODIO – Desperate lover – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – Delmark Records
    Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS – My promised land – Dog, saint and sinner – Music Box Publishing
    Dave SPECTER – Blues from the inside out – Blues from the inside out – Delmark Records

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  • Maxwell St du 03 Décembre 2019

    Big Jack REYNOLDS-I had a little dog-that’s a good way to get to heaven-Third Street Cigar Records
    THE MONEY MAKERS-The picture of you-No secrets no lies-Self
    Troy GONYEA-(Do the curl) Curl up and die-Click click spark-Lotus Eater Records
    THE Nick MOSS BAND Featuring Dennis GRUENLING-Ugly woman- Lucky guy !-Alligator Records
    Mark CAMERON-Movin out-On a roll-Cop Records
    Breezy RODIO-A woman don’t care-If it ain’t broke don’t fix it-Delmark Records
    Myles GOODWYN-You got it bad-Friends of the blues 2-Northern Goody Two Tunes
    GHALIA-Gypsy lady-Mississippi blend-Ruf Records
    Matt WANDERSCHEID-Jezebel-Matt Wanderscheid-Self
    Tomislav GOLUBAN-Locked heart-Chicago rambler-Spona
    Biscuit MILLER AND THE MIX-Here kitty kitty-Chicken grease-American Showplace Music
    MALTED MILK-Daddy has a gun-Love, tears & guns-Blues Productions
    THE BLUES BONES-Going down-Chasing shadows-Donor Productions

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