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  • Maxwell St du 25 Avril 2025

    GA 20-Live vol.1-The whale has swallowed me-Karma Chief Records
    TAJ MAHAL & Ry COODER-Get on board-Cornbread, peas, black molasses-Nonesuch Records
    WHITE FEET-Blue legacy-Keep your lamp trimmed and burning-La Clique
    Nelson BLANCHARD-Nelson Blanchard-Treat your lady right-White Car Records
    THE CASH BOX KINGS-Oscar’s Motel-Please have mercy-Alligator Records
    Joe Louis WALKER-Weight of the world-Don’t walk out that door-Forty Below Records
    Luke WINSLOW KING-If these walls could talk-Slow Sunday June-Ghost River Records
    THE SMART HOBOS-Early 50’s stuff-Stack a record-Self
    Lonnie BROOKS-Roadhouse rules-Hoodoo she do-Alligator Records
    Mathis HAUG & Benoît NOGARET-Sitting on top of the world-Coo coo bird-Wild Time
    Bonnie RAITT-Just like that-When we say goodnight-Redwing Records
    KEB’ MO’-Good to be-All dressed up-Rounder Records
    Bai KAMARA Jr. & THE VOODOO SNIFFERS-Traveling medicine man-I don’t roll with snakes-MIG Music
    Dr. JOHN-Things happen that way-Ramblin’ man-Rounder Records
    BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-The way it is-Donor Productions

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  • Maxwell St du 18 Avril 2023

    Ashley SHERLOCK-Just a name- Realise-Ruf Records
    Marc BROUSSARD-S.O.S. 4 : Blues for my soul-Driving wheel-Keeping The Blues Alive Records
    Mississippi MACDONALD-Heavy state loving blues-Howlin’ Wolf-Another Planet Music Records
    Deb CALLAHAN-Backbone-Big girl pants-Blue Pearl Records
    Mud MORGANFIELD-Portrait-Love to flirt-Delmark Records
    Delbert McCLINTON-Outdated emotion-The sun is shining-Hot Shot Records
    THE FOUR BREAKERS-Dry rivers-Independent woman-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
    Andres ROOTS-Volume 22-Picknick at Dockery’s-Roots Art
    Albert COLLINS-Truckin’ with-Frosty-MCA Records
    THE NIGHTHAWKS-Established 1972-Nobody-Vizztone
    Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-Half way in the devil’s gate-Wind Chill Records
    Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-Feels good doin’ bad-Vizztone
    Ally VENABLE-Real gone-Don’t lose me-Ruf Records
    Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-He’s a winner-Blue Heart Records
    TOO SLIM AND THE TAILDRAGGERS-Brace yourself-Devil in a doublewide-Vizztone

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  • Maxwell St du 11 Avril 2023

    Denis AGENET & NOLAPSTERS-Peace of land-It don’t bother you-Rock N Hall
    LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune est mon nom-Don’t miss me-Self
    MISS BIX-Bring it-Trail of tears-Blue Heart Records
    Rick BERTHOD-Tribute to Peter Green-Stop messing around-Self
    Billy TRUITT-Abstract truth-Hobo flatts-JT Dream Wave Music
    TRAVELLIN’ BLUE KINGS-Bending the rules-Do it baby-Donor Productions
    TIO MANUEL-Ocho-Heading to Sorbas-La Fugitive
    Otis RUSH-Mourning in the morning-My love will never die-Collectables
    Ana POPOVIC-Power-Strong taste-ArtistXclusive Records
    PD MARTIN-Soulbeat incarnate-That’s my gal-Donor Productions
    Stan MOSLEY-No soul no blues-Change of heart-Dialtone Records
    THE CASH BOX KINGS-Oscar’s Motel-Down on the south side-Alligator Records
    John NEMETH-May be the last time-Shake your hips-Nola Blue Records
    John MAYALL-The sun is shining down-The sun is shining down-Forty Below Records

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  • Maxwell St du 04 Avril 2023

    Eric BIBB-Ridin’-Blues funky like dat-Dixiefrog
    Shemekia COPELAND-Done come too far-Barefoot in heaven-Alligator Records
    Johnny RAWLS-Going back to Mississippi-Nookie, nookie-Continental Blue Heaven
    Nick SCHNEBELEN-What key is trouble in ?-What key is trouble in ?-Self
    Tomislav GOLUBAN-20 years on the road-Party time blues-Blue Heart Records
    Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT-Burning light-Give me back the key-Self
    Rod BARTHET-A l’ombre des sycomores-Les mers du sud-Socadisc
    Tommy JOHNSON-Complete recorded works-Big road blues-Document Records Malaya BLUE-Blue credentials-bring me your sin-Blue Heart Records
    Alyssa BOURJLATE-I’ve lost myself on the way-A blues girl without arms-Self
    Dwayne BURNSIDE-Acoustic-See my jumper hanging on the line-Dolceola Recordings
    THE BLACK KEYS-Dropout boogie-For the love of money-Easy Eye Sound
    John PRIMER-Hard times-Hard times-Blues House Productions
    Lee FIELDS-Sentimental fool-Save your tears for someone new-Daptone Recording

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  • Maxwell St du 28 Mars 2023

    Jimi ‘’Prime’’ SMITH & Bob CORRITORE-The world in a jug-Soul food-Vizztone Bernard SELLAM & THE BOYZ FROM THE HOOD-Feelin’ so fine-You gonna want me-Absilone
    Nick SCHNEBELEN-What key is trouble in ?-Ten years after, fifty years later-Vizztone
    Mavis STAPLES & Levon HELM-Carry me home-When I go away-Anti
    Bonnie RAITT-Just like that…-Made up mind-Rewind Records
    Big Chief Monk BOUDREAUX& VOICES OF THE WETLANDS-Take me to the river New Orleans-Fire water-Petaluma Records
    HOWLIN’ WOLF-Howlin’ Wolf-The red rooster-MCA Records
    Billy VALENTINE AND THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH-Billy Valentine And The Universal Truth-Home is where the hatred is-Acid Jazz
    Ally VENABLE-Real gone-Broken and blue-Ruf Records
    Sven ZETTERBERG-Rain on the lost sessions-Easy come easy go-Pama Records
    Luke WINSLOW-KING-If these walls could talk-Honeycomb-Ghost River Records
    PETER STORM & THE BLUES SOCIETY-Second-Black hole-Donor Productions
    Dave SPECTER-Six strings soul 30 years on Delmark-Can’t stay here no more-Delmark Records

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  • Maxwell St du 21 Mars 2023

    Johnny WHEELS & THE SWAMP DONKEYS-Keep on pushin’-Mizz Karman-Lightning In A Bottle Records
    Justine BLUE-True-Gold in our hands-Self
    Jim DAN DEE-Real blues-Two timing woman-Self
    DETONICS-Detonized-Life’s your best friend-Donor Productions
    Dave WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES-Nightwalk-Don’t tell mama-Delmark Records
    Gina SICILIA-Unchange-Let’s set the world on fire-Vizztone
    THE TEXAS HORNS-Everybody let’s roll-Watcha got to lose-Blue Heart Records
    SLIM HARPO-Buzzin’ the blues-I’m a king bee-Bear Family Productions
    Buddy GUY-The blues don’t lie-Let my guitar do the talking-RCA Records
    Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-Lightning strike-Win d Chillk Records
    Johnny SANSONE-Into your blues-Into your blues-Short Stack Records
    Chris FORD-Blues on the edge-Another man down the line-Self
    WHITE FEET-Blue legacy-Hope for tomorrow-la Clique
    Will JACOBS-Goldfish blues-One day at a time-Ruf Records

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  • Maxwell St du 14 Mars 2023

    THE SUPERSOUL BROTHERS-The road to sound live-Common people-Dixiefrog
    KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once upon a time…-Traffic-Self
    Nick SCHNEBELEN-What key is trouble in ?-Will I stay-Vizztone
    Ally VENABLE-Real gone-Two wrongs-Ruf Records
    Stan MOSLEY-No soul, no blues-Blues man-Dialtone Records
    Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-Dance of love-Vizztone
    Brad VICKERS AND HIS VESTAPOLITANS-The music get us thru-When I am drinking-Man Hat Tone
    Junior WELLS-Calling all blues-Come on in this house-The Demon Music Group
    LIL’ RED & THE ROOSTER-Keep on !-Keep on loving you-Blue Heart Records
    Laura TATE-Smokey tango-It tears me up-Blue Heart Records
    ELISE & THE SUGARSWEETS-Horosho-Birthrights-Adorablues
    Joe Louis WALKER-Weight of the world-Don’t walk out that door-Forty Below Records
    Jeff ESPINOZA & THE GYPSY RUNNERS-Breathe-Betrayal blues-Paella Records Alex LOPEZ-Nasty crime-Hooked-On Maremil Music And Records

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  • Maxwell St du 07 Mars 2023

    Weezil MALONE BAND-Desert drive-in-Take it baby-Self
    ROLLIN’ BLACK DICE-Rollin’ Black dice-Rollin’ the dice-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
    Billy VALENTINE AND THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH-Billy Valentine And The Universal Truth-Wade in the water-Acid Jazz Records
    THE FOUR BREAKERS-Dry rivers-You better work-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
    DeLAYE-Karu-Billie Holiday-Dixiefrog
    Lee FIELDS-Sentimental fool-Save your tears for someone new-dapsone Recording
    THE ELECTRIC DUKES-The Electric Dukes-Don’t make it so hard on me-Self
    MUDDY WATERS-The very best of-I’m your hoochie coochie man-Charly
    Johnny RAWLS-Going back to Mississippi-Midnight train-Continental Blue Heaven
    Dyer DAVIS-Dog bites back-Let me love you-Wild Roots Records
    PD MARTIN-Soulbeat incarnate-Artificial state of misery-Donor Productions
    Scott ELLISON-Zero-2-Sixty-Dig a little deeper-Liberation Hall
    Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-Rosalee-Blue Heart Records
    Anthony GERACI-Blues called my name-I ain’t going to ask-Blue Heart Records

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