Maxwell Street Blues

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  • Maxwell St du 29 Juin 2021

    Guy VERLINDE TRIO-Recorded live at CSRS-All is forgiven-R & S Music
    Roger CHAPMAN-Life in the pond-Rabbit got the gun-Ruf Records
    Gerald McCLENDON-Let’s have a party !-If it ain’t the blues-Delta Roots Records SAME PLAYER SHOOT AGAIN-Our king Albert-Playing on me-Five Fishes
    Paul SIZE-Can’t lose playing the blues-You’ve got to lose-Feffrey Records
    THE BLACK KEYS-Delta cream-Mellow peaches-Nonesuch Records
    BIG CREEK SLIM-Twenty twenty blues-Black and white blues-Straight Shooter
    Deb RYDER-Memphis moon-Blues is all I got-Vizztone
    Crystal THOMAS-Now dig this !-I don’t worry myself-Dialtone Records
    KELLY’S LOT-Where and when-Jealous hearted blues-Self
    MUDDY GURDY-Homecoming-Land’s song-L’Autre Distribution
    REVEREND FREAKCHILD-Supramundane blues-It’s gonna be alright !-Treated And Released Records
    SUPERDOWHOME-No ball, no blues chips-Booze is my self control-Dixiefrog
    Mickaël MAZALEYRAT-Planète-Jungle five-Bluesiac

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  • Maxwell St du 22 Juin 2021

    R.L. BOYCE & BAND OF HEYSEK-Juke my joint-Drive me crazy-Indies Scope
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Looks like rain’s gonna pour again-Self
    Dom FERRER-Your rules are not mine !-Give me a break-Little Sister
    Thorbjorn RISAGER & Emil BALSGAARD-Taking the good with the bad-Good news-House Rockin Band
    Alex LOPEZ-Rising up-Rising up-Maremil Music
    KING KING-Maverick-Everything will be alright-Channel 9 Music
    Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-You’re going to miss my sorry ass-Alligator Records
    Crystal THOMAS-Now dig this !-I’m a fool for you baby-Dialtone Records
    THE Halley DeVESTERN BAND-Money ain’t time-Boil-Self
    KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once upon a time…-Dey story-Self
    LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune-Keyword nevermind-Self
    SWEET SCARLETT-Rockin’ that soul-Last time-Self
    Patty PARKS-Whole nother world-Stickin’ to my guns-Vizztone

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  • Maxwell St du 15 Juin 2021

    TRAVELLIN’ BLUES KINGS-Single-Too many people-Donor Productions
    LOS BLUES MORNING SINGERS-Winding road-Lotto prize-Gaztelupkeo Hotsak
    EDDIE 9V-Little black flies-Travelin’ man-Ruf Records
    JESSIE LEE & THE ALCHEMISTS-Let it shine-The same-Dixiefrog
    Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Hammer on the stone-Nola Blue Records
    Tia CARROLL-You gotta have it-Never let me go-Little Village Foundation
    Clarence SPADY-Surrender-K man-Nola Blue Records
    Charlotta CURVES & Helge TALLQVIST BAND-Voodoo woman-Homeground-NCB
    Skylar ROGERS-Firebreather-Failure-Self
    Deb RYDER-Memphis moon-These hands-Vizztone
    Chris CAIN-Raisin’ Cain-Too many problems-Alligator Records
    JERRY T. & THE ALLIGATORS-Where is the meat ?-Nextdoor neighbour blues-Self Jeremiah JOHNSON-Heavens to Betsy-Soul crush-Ruf Records

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  • Maxwell St du 08 Juin 2021

    LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS-We need hope-I was a kid-Verycords Records AWEK-Awek-Smokin’ mambo-Mojo Diffusion
    KELLY’S LOT-Where and when-That fool-Self
    Nathan JAMES-Soul count-In a lockdown funk-Sacred Cat Recordings
    Rob STONE, Elena KATO, Hiroshi EGUCHI-Trio in Tokyo-What am I living for ?-Blue Heart Records
    THE HITMAN BLUES BAND-Not my circus not my monkey-Not my circus-Nerus Records
    Mark HUMMEL-Wayback machine-Breathtaking blues-Electro Fi Records
    Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Les coups humains-Three Fork Music
    Robert JON & THE WRECK-Last light on the highway-Oh Miss Carolina-Self
    Chris GILL-Between Midnight and Louise-Back to Paradise-Self
    Gerald McCLENDON-Can’t nobody stop me now-I started over-Delta Roots Records
    Lisa MANN-Old girl-Old girl-Jay Ray Records
    Trevor B. POWER-What is real-Easier way-Farm 189 Records

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  • Maxwell St du 01 Juin 2021

    Jimmie BRATCHER-I’m hungry-I love her name-Ain’t Skeert Tunes
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Spider in my stew-Wang dang doodle-Vizztone
    Patti PARKS-Whole mother world-More than you’ll ever know-Vizztone
    THE HUNGRY WILLIAMS-Brand new thing-For you my love-Rochelle Records
    LEE O’NELL BLUES GANG-# Shades of love-Stay-Self
    Deb RYDER-Memphis moonlight-Hold on-Vizztone
    SAME PLAYER SHOOT AGAIN-Our King Albert-I wanna get funky-Five Fishes
    THE BLACK KEYS-Delta dream-Poor boy a long way from home-Nonesuch Records MUDDY GURDY-Homecoming-Lord help the poor and needy-Chantilly Negra
    Shemekia COPELAND-Uncivil war-Walk until I ride-Alligator Records
    Veronica LEWIS-You ain’t unlucky-Whoo whee swest daddy-Moonwick Music
    Ismo HAAVISTO, Andres ROOTS, Matias PARTANEN-Tribute to Elmore-One way out
    Sass JORDAN-Rebel moon blues-One way out-Stony Plain
    JW-JONES-Sonic departures-Snatchin’ it back-Solid Blues Records

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  • Maxwell St du 25 Mai 2021

    Dom FERRER-Your rules are not mine !-Ain’t we gold-Little Sister Records
    JERRY T. & THE BLACK ALLIGATORS-Where is the meat ?-Big company blues-Self
    Chris CAIN-Raisin’ Cain-You won’t have a problem when I’m gone-Alligator Records JESSIE LEE & THE ALCHEMISTS-Let it shine-You took my mind away-Dixiefrog
    Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Never tomorrow-Nola Blue Records
    Clarence SPADY-Surrender-If my life was a book-Nola Blue Records
    Tia CARROLL-You gotta have it-Mama told me- Little Village Foundation
    Archie Lee HOOKER AND THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND-Living in a memory-Long gone- Dixiefrog
    Jeremiah JOHNSON-Heavens to Betsy-Tornado-Ruf Records
    Dennis JONES-Soft hard & loud-When I wake up-Blue Rock Records
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Sweet lies-Self
    Benoit BLUE BOY-Résolument bleu-Juste une cigarette-Tempo Records
    BAD TEMPER JOE-One can wreck it all-Road works rock-Time Zone Records
    Charlotta CURVES & Helge TALLQVIST-Voodoo woman-On my way- NCB
    Skylar ROGERS-Firebreather-Work-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 18 Mai 2021

    Ismo HAAVISTO, Andres ROOTS, Matias PARTANEN-Tribute to Elmore-Dust my broom-Roots Art
    Rob STONE, Elena KATO, Hiroshi EGUCHI-Trio in Tokyo-Got to get you off my mind-Blue Heart Records
    Alex LOPEZ-Rising up-Paradise-Maremil Music
    SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-Homework-Dixiefrog
    Paul SIZE-Can’t lose playing the blues-Turn back-Jeffrey Records
    RONAN ONE MAN BAND & Marko BALLAND-Long way from home-Shake ‘em on down-Self
    Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-Do drop inn-Self
    Martin LANG-Bad man-Mood indica-Random Chance Records
    SWEET SCARLETT-Rockin’ that soul-Rockin’ that soul-Self
    THE Halley DeVESTERN BAND-Money ain’t time-Americas pain-Self
    Thorbjorn RISAGER & Emil BALSGAARD-Taking the good with the bad-Insomniac boogie-Westman Music
    Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-I don’t do that no more-Alligator Records
    KING KING-Maverick-Dance together-Channel 9 Music
    CD WOODBURY-World’s gone crazy-I didn’t know-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 11 Mai 2021

    Charlotta CURVES & Helge TALLQVIST BAND-Voodoo woman-You better believe me-NCB
    Jimmie BRATCHER-I’m hungry-Bacon is on my mind-Ain’t Skeert Tunes
    Jean Jacques MILTEAU-Lost highway-Lost highway-Sunset Records
    Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Here’s my soul-Self
    John FUSCO AND THE X-ROAD RIDERS-John the revelator-Jacqueline-Self
    POPA CHUBBY-Tinfoil hat-Another day in hell-Dixiefrog
    Selwyn BIRCHWOOD-Living in a burning house-Living in a burning house-Alligator Records
    Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Le blues le dimanche-Bontempsrouler
    Johnny IGUANA-Chicago spectacular !-44 blues-Delmark Records
    Jimmy JOHNSON-Every day of your life-Somebody loan me a dime-Delmark Records
    Eric JOHANSON-Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue collection-Riverbend blues-Blue Heart Records
    REVEREND FREAKCHILD-Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue collection-Sweet sweet you-Blue Heart Records

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