Maxwell St du 11 Avril 2023

Denis AGENET & NOLAPSTERS-Peace of land-It don’t bother you-Rock N Hall
LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune est mon nom-Don’t miss me-Self
MISS BIX-Bring it-Trail of tears-Blue Heart Records
Rick BERTHOD-Tribute to Peter Green-Stop messing around-Self
Billy TRUITT-Abstract truth-Hobo flatts-JT Dream Wave Music
TRAVELLIN’ BLUE KINGS-Bending the rules-Do it baby-Donor Productions
TIO MANUEL-Ocho-Heading to Sorbas-La Fugitive
Otis RUSH-Mourning in the morning-My love will never die-Collectables
Ana POPOVIC-Power-Strong taste-ArtistXclusive Records
PD MARTIN-Soulbeat incarnate-That’s my gal-Donor Productions
Stan MOSLEY-No soul no blues-Change of heart-Dialtone Records
THE CASH BOX KINGS-Oscar’s Motel-Down on the south side-Alligator Records
John NEMETH-May be the last time-Shake your hips-Nola Blue Records
John MAYALL-The sun is shining down-The sun is shining down-Forty Below Records