Maxwell St du 18 Avril 2023

Ashley SHERLOCK-Just a name- Realise-Ruf Records
Marc BROUSSARD-S.O.S. 4 : Blues for my soul-Driving wheel-Keeping The Blues Alive Records
Mississippi MACDONALD-Heavy state loving blues-Howlin’ Wolf-Another Planet Music Records
Deb CALLAHAN-Backbone-Big girl pants-Blue Pearl Records
Mud MORGANFIELD-Portrait-Love to flirt-Delmark Records
Delbert McCLINTON-Outdated emotion-The sun is shining-Hot Shot Records
THE FOUR BREAKERS-Dry rivers-Independent woman-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
Andres ROOTS-Volume 22-Picknick at Dockery’s-Roots Art
Albert COLLINS-Truckin’ with-Frosty-MCA Records
THE NIGHTHAWKS-Established 1972-Nobody-Vizztone
Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-Half way in the devil’s gate-Wind Chill Records
Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-Feels good doin’ bad-Vizztone
Ally VENABLE-Real gone-Don’t lose me-Ruf Records
Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-He’s a winner-Blue Heart Records
TOO SLIM AND THE TAILDRAGGERS-Brace yourself-Devil in a doublewide-Vizztone