Maxwell St du 14 Mars 2023

THE SUPERSOUL BROTHERS-The road to sound live-Common people-Dixiefrog
KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once upon a time…-Traffic-Self
Nick SCHNEBELEN-What key is trouble in ?-Will I stay-Vizztone
Ally VENABLE-Real gone-Two wrongs-Ruf Records
Stan MOSLEY-No soul, no blues-Blues man-Dialtone Records
Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-Dance of love-Vizztone
Brad VICKERS AND HIS VESTAPOLITANS-The music get us thru-When I am drinking-Man Hat Tone
Junior WELLS-Calling all blues-Come on in this house-The Demon Music Group
LIL’ RED & THE ROOSTER-Keep on !-Keep on loving you-Blue Heart Records
Laura TATE-Smokey tango-It tears me up-Blue Heart Records
ELISE & THE SUGARSWEETS-Horosho-Birthrights-Adorablues
Joe Louis WALKER-Weight of the world-Don’t walk out that door-Forty Below Records
Jeff ESPINOZA & THE GYPSY RUNNERS-Breathe-Betrayal blues-Paella Records Alex LOPEZ-Nasty crime-Hooked-On Maremil Music And Records