Tellin’You – 09 juin 2022 –Quelques festivals d’été -

The BluesBones-Going down-Chasing shadows-Naked/Donor-2018
Johnny Gallagher and the Boxty band-Bird-A 2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017
Jessie Lee & the Alchemists-In my cat’s shoes-Jessie Lee & the Alchemists-Music box-2017
The Blue Chevys-Fun no more-The night calls-Naked/Donor-2022
Sari Shorr-Damn the reason-Live in Europe-Manhaton rec.-2020
Matthieu Boré Roots combo-Ready to settle down & she’s mine-Live
Victor Puertas & Max Genouel-No one like you-Recording session-
Kyla Brox-Beautiful day-Throw away your blues-Pigskin rec.-2016
Elise & the Sugar Sweets-Birthrights-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
Archie Lee Hooker & the Coast to Coast blues band-Give it with a smile-Living in a memory-Dixiefrog-2021
Bernard Allison-Side Step-Highs & Lows-Ruf rec.-2022
Shakedown Tim & the Rhythm Revue-Red hair-Hard to catch-2016
Walter Trout-Be careful how you vote-Survivor blues-Provogue/Mascot-2018
Vanessa Collier-The run around-Heart Soul & Saxophone-2014
Selwyn Birchwood-Don’t call no ambulance-Don’t call no ambulance-Alligator rec.-2014
Johnny Rawls-We did it-Waiting for the train-Catfood rec.-2017
Johnny Rawls-Las Vegas-Waiting for the train-Catfood rec.-2017

Le jeudi de 18h30 à 20h00
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Le blues est une passion, le blues est le sel de toutes les musiques, le blues est le cœur.
Au Programme, Agenda, invités, Disque du mois, et du Blues à gogo.

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