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  • Tellin’You fête ses 10 ans – 15 septembre 2022 – invité Jean Claude Mondo

    David Wier-Got it goin’ on-Lost Dallas blues-2021
    Edgar Winter-I’m yours and I’m hers-Brother Johnny-Quarto valley rec.-2022
    Mike Guldin-She caught the Katy-Tumblin’-Blue Heart-2022
    Early Times & the High Rollers-Orphan train-Electric city-Dealers choice rec.-2022
    GA-20-Easy on the eyes-Crackdown-Colemine rec.-2022
    Dave Weld & the Imperial Flames-Red hot tabasco-Nightwalk-Delmark-2022
    The Nighthawks-Nobody-Established 1972-Vizztone-2022
    Snowy White-Blues 22-Driving on the 44-Soulfood-2022
    Mississippi Heat-Batte crazy-Madeleine-Van der linden rec.-2022
    G Love & special sauce-Guitar man-Philadelphia Mississippi-Philadelphonic rec.-2022
    Jeff Chaz-Category 2-Category 2-Bear family rec.-2021
    Bob Corritore & Dave Riley-Home in Chicago-Down home blues revue-SWMAF rec.-2022
    Eliza Neals-Lockdown love-Badder to the bon-EH rec.-2022
    Charlie Musselwhite-Drifting from town to town-Mississippi son-Alligator rec.-2022

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  • Tellin’You fête ses 10 ans – 8 septembre 2022 – invité Patrick Dallongeville de Blues en Nord

    Lil’ Red & the Rooster-Coq a Doodlin’-Soul Burnin’-Autoprod.-2017
    Lil’ Red & the Rooster-Black cat fever-Soul Burnin’-Autoprod.-2017
    Tommy Castro-Somewhere-A bluesman came to town-Alligator-2021
    The Freaky Buds-Way too wild-Hard days Fuzzy nights-2021
    The Freaky Buds-The place is burning-Hard days Fuzzy nights-2021
    Doctor Django & his nurses-Working man blues-EP Gateway-2016
    Mike Wheeler-Yeah-Turn up !-Delmark-2016
    Big Daddy Wilson-The city streets-Hard time blues-Continental blue heaven-2021
    GA-20 -She’s gone-GA-20 does Hound Dog Taylor-Try it… you might like it-Karma Chief rec.-2021
    Mama’s Biscuits-Going home-Love advice-IMD Biscuits-2022
    Spencer Mackenzie-Baptized in cold water-Preach to my soul-Gypsy Soul rec.-2022
    Lee O’Nell Blues Gang-On the road-This is us-Autoprod-2022
    Blue Time Shakers-Hucklebuch Jelly-Live-2014
    Hook Herrera & Sugar Mama-That ain’t it-Live au Beautiful Swamp Blues de Calais-2006
    LittleBig6ster-Someday baby-LB 6-Autoprod.-2021

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  • Tellin’You fête ses 10 ans – 1 septembre 2022 – invités Guillaume et Jérôme pour La Forge Festival

    The Hoochies-Backstreet Crawler-Live Moulin Blues-2019
    John Mary Go Round-Run outside-Live
    Bill & the Burners-Wrong Station-Single
    Power Shake-So bad-So far so good-Fête du bruit-2021
    Call me Colette-In to deep-Live
    The Hoochies-Mambo Boogie-Live Moulin Blues-2019
    Rockin & Drinkin Guys-Rock and Roll guitar-Live
    Roy Kinke & the Amazing BBQ-Wanker-Live
    T-99-Drunk-The various sounds of-2015
    Boogie Beasts-Howl-Love me some-Naked/Donor-2021
    Ghalia-Release me-Mississippi blend-Ruf rec.-2019
    BB & the Blues Shacks-Can’t hide love-Blue Avenue-2003

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  • Tellin’You – 09 juin 2022 –Quelques festivals d’été -

    The BluesBones-Going down-Chasing shadows-Naked/Donor-2018
    Johnny Gallagher and the Boxty band-Bird-A 2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
    Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017
    Jessie Lee & the Alchemists-In my cat’s shoes-Jessie Lee & the Alchemists-Music box-2017
    The Blue Chevys-Fun no more-The night calls-Naked/Donor-2022
    Sari Shorr-Damn the reason-Live in Europe-Manhaton rec.-2020
    Matthieu Boré Roots combo-Ready to settle down & she’s mine-Live
    Victor Puertas & Max Genouel-No one like you-Recording session-
    Kyla Brox-Beautiful day-Throw away your blues-Pigskin rec.-2016
    Elise & the Sugar Sweets-Birthrights-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Archie Lee Hooker & the Coast to Coast blues band-Give it with a smile-Living in a memory-Dixiefrog-2021
    Bernard Allison-Side Step-Highs & Lows-Ruf rec.-2022
    Shakedown Tim & the Rhythm Revue-Red hair-Hard to catch-2016
    Walter Trout-Be careful how you vote-Survivor blues-Provogue/Mascot-2018
    Vanessa Collier-The run around-Heart Soul & Saxophone-2014
    Selwyn Birchwood-Don’t call no ambulance-Don’t call no ambulance-Alligator rec.-2014
    Johnny Rawls-We did it-Waiting for the train-Catfood rec.-2017
    Johnny Rawls-Las Vegas-Waiting for the train-Catfood rec.-2017

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  • Tellin’You – 02 juin 2022 –

    Shapeshifted-Ain’t no doubt about it- Single-2022
    Red Red-Spoon and the flame-Single-2022
    Ina Forsman-Love me-All there is-Jazzhaus rec.-2022
    Ina Forsman-Raw honey-All there is-Jazzhaus rec.-2022
    Manu Slide-Gone away-Uke swing-Yokatta rec.-2021
    Robert Jon & the Wreck-Waiting for your man-Waiting for your man-KTBA rec.-2022
    Charles Pasi-Don’t blame me-Zebra-Blue note-2020
    Albert Lee & Hoogan’s Heroes-Back in the USA-Tear it up-2002
    Harlem Lake-The River- Live
    Elise & the Sugar Sweets-In the shadow of your wings-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Elise & the Sugar Sweets-My goddess got shapes-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Elise & the Sugar Sweets-Let me be the only one-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-The way it is-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-Wheels-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-Dr Boogie-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Dana Fuchs-Double down on wrong-Borrowed time-Ruf rec.-2022
    Dana Fuchs-Save me-Borrowed time-Ruf rec.-2022
    Shaggy Dogs-Take your time-Sorry for the delay !!!-Pile ou Face-2022
    Shaggy Dogs-Carpe Diem-Sorry for the delay !!!-Pile ou Face-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 26 mai 2022 – Hommage à Tiny Legs Tim -

    Tiny Legs Tim-Standing on the sideline-Acoustic Live Session AB
    Tiny Legs Tim-Ocean-Call us when it’s over-Sing my title-2020
    Tiny Legs Tim-Elsewhere bound-Elsewhere bound-Sing my title-2019
    Tiny Legs Tim-When I fall- Live at Sint Jacobs-Sing my title-2017
    Tiny Legs Tim-Can’t win them all- Live at Sint Jacobs-Sing my title-2017
    Tiny Legs Tim & Steven Troch-Hard to admit-Melodium Rag-Sing my title-2017
    Tiny Legs Tim & Guy Verlinde-Goin’ down to Missy Sippy-Live
    Missy Sippy All Stars-Don’t you mind people grinning in your face-Volume 1-Sing my title-2020
    Black Cat Biscuit-Heart is burning-The way it is-Naked/donor-2022
    Maxwell Street-Hot pants-Going back-Autoprod.-2014
    David Ronaldo & the Dice-Midnight sun-Shoot them with words-Fandango-2021
    Guy Verlinde-Wild nights-Better days ahead-Dixiefrog/Parsifal-2015
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Shut eye-Bending the rules-Naked/donor-2022
    Blues Lee-Work hard-Twenty five-Backstab rec.-2020
    Rusty Roots-Sidewalk-Your host-Autoprod.-2014
    Little Hook-Tomorrow night-Little Hook-Naked/donor-2017
    The BluesBones-Psycho mind-Chasing shadows-Naked/donor-2018
    Steven Troch band-The one you can rely on-The call-Autoprod.-2022
    The Blue Chevys-Willow tree-The night calls-Naked/donor-2022
    Chilly Willy-Hip shake-25 years live-Blueshine rec.-2017
    Marc Lelangue trio-Walk on-Lost in the blues-Naked/donor-2016
    Boogie Beasts-Mine all mine-Love me some-Naked/donor-2021

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  • Tellin’You - 19 mai 2022 - Cahors Blues Festival “scène Johnny Winter” -

    Slim Paul-Let me in-Dead already-Blue line-2018
    Slim Paul-Stuck on my own city-Dead already-Blue line-2018
    Blue Fever-Let the ol’man play the blues-We are young-Rock’n loc-2020
    Blue Fever-I don’t wanna know-We are young-Rock’n loc-2020
    Two Roots duo-Bord under a bad sign-Live
    Louis Mezzasoma-Kick some ass-Mercenary-Le cri du charbon-2021
    Thomas Doucet & the G-Lights-Slave of your love-Make love great again-Autoprod.-2021
    Thomas Doucet & the G-Lights-The only one to know-Make love great again-Autoprod.-2021
    The Jake Walkers-Dirty mother for you-99 bottles of beer-2020
    The Yellbows-Peanut-Early in the morning-Autoprod.-2018
    Jerry T & the Black Alligators-Strange blue liquor-Where is the meat ?-Autoprod.-2021
    Freddy Miller & the Blues Steelers-If you reach my world-My blues-Autoprod.-2017
    La Bedoune-Does anybody care-La Bedoune-Autoprod.-2020
    The Money Makers-Hey bartender-Live
    Mike Green band-Pretty baby-Live
    Nirek Mokar & the Boogie Messengers-Shout for Joy-Live
    Grant Haua-Devil is a woman-Awa Blues-Dixiefrog-2021
    Neal Black & the Healers-I’m gonna cry-Wherever the road takes me-Dixiefrog-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 12 mai 2022 – Cahors Blues Festival “grande scène” -

    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Drowing-Songs from the road-Ruf rec.-2015
    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Too many roads-Songs from the road-Ruf rec.-2015
    Christone “Kingfish” Ingram-Long distance woman-662-Alligator rec.-2021
    Barrence Whitfield & the Savages-Let’s go to mars-Soul flowers of Titan-Bloodshot rec.-2018
    Barrence Whitfield & the Savages-Madhouse-Ow ow ow !-1987
    Popa Chubby-Tonight I’m gonna be the man-Emotional gangster-Dixiefrog-2021
    Popa Chubby-Equal opportunity-Emotional gangster-Dixiefrog-2021
    Sam Player Shoot Again-Get out of my life woman-Our king Albert-Five fishes-2021
    Sam Player Shoot Again-The same old blues-Our king Freddie-Bonsaï music-2018
    Kirk Fletcher & Bette Smith-Dance monkey-Dance monkey-Cléopatra-2020
    Kirk Fletcher-You need me-Hold on-Autoprod.-2018
    Kyla Brox-Frustation-Gone-Pigskin rec.-2012
    Whitney Shay-Change with the times-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020
    Whitney Shay-PS It’s not about you-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020
    Kaz Hawkins-Don’t make mama cry-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Kaz Hawkins-Something’s gotta hold on me-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Leon Beal & the Luca Giordano band- Still here-Live
    Fred Chapellier-I’d rather be alone-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
    Fred Chapellier-Blues on my radio-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
    Fred Chapellier-Where eagles die-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022

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