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  • Tellin’you - 26 janvier 2023 - Emission spéciale La boîte à Musiques de Wattrelos -

    LittleBig6ster-Jungle fever-LB6-Autoprod.-2021
    Alexis Evans-It’s not wrong-I’ve come a long way-Record kicks-2019
    Alexis Evans-Rock’n’roll healer-I’ve come a long way-Record kicks-2019
    Daddy to the rescue-Boogie inferno-Swing Jive & Boogieband-Eigen uitgave-2016
    Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-My first christmas alone-Single-2023
    Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-My girl across town-That’s what I’ll do-None-2018
    Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-Crying shame-Live
    Mr Tchang Bluz Explosion-My wife is crying-Time to move-Bluz track-2021
    Mr Tchang Bluz Explosion-Mississippi party-Time to move-Bluz track-2021
    Dom Martin-Blues on the bay-A savage life-Autoprod.-2022
    Dom Martin-Gauge-A savage life-Autoprod.-2022
    Alf Blind Willy & The Shakes-Catfish-Live
    Giles Robson-Boogie at the showplace-Don’t give up on the blues-American showplace music-2019
    White Feet/Nasser Ben Dadoo-Gatfish-Blue legacy-LaClique-2023
    White Feet/Nasser Ben Dadoo-Roubla-Blue legacy-LaClique-2023
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-Birthrights-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-My goddess got shapes-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-You better stop-Horosho-Adorablues-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 19 janvier 2023 -

    Shapeshifted-Get high-Single-2023
    Shapeshifted-Round and round-Single-2023
    Laura Cox-Before we get burned-Head Above Water-Verycords-2023
    Laura Cox-Old soul-Head Above Water-Verycords-2023
    Barbara Blue-Curse of beauty-From the Shoals-Big blue rec.-2023
    Superdownhome-Disaster noon-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Manu Slide-Shoe shine boy-Uke swing-Poom Tchack-2021
    Manu Slide-Ridin’ home-Uke swing-Poom Tchack-2021
    Lil’Red & the Rooster-Back of the bus-Keep on !-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Bubba The Big Bad Blues-If you need me-Drifting-Fullerton Gold rec.-2022
    Bubba The Big Bad Blues-Do what’s right-Drifting-Fullerton Gold rec.-2022
    Thomas Kahn-Alone-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022
    Justine Blue-Gold in our hands-True-WNL prod.-2022
    The Rusty Wright band-No turnin’ back-Hangin at the DeVille Lounge-Sadson music-2022
    Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Everyone knows-Over the pain-Vintage LaNell rec.-2022
    Dana Fuchs-Last to know-Borrowed time-Ruf rec.-2022
    Kat Riggins-My city-Progeny-Gulf coast rec.-2022
    Todd Sharpville-Brothers from another mother-Medication time-Dixiefrog-2022
    Shaggy Dogs-Carpe diem-Sorry for the delay-Pile ou face-2022
    Shaggy Dogs-The ones who know it all-Sorry for the delay-Pile ou face-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 12 janvier 2023 -

    Laura Cox-Swing it out-Head Above Water-Verycords-2023
    Laura Cox-One big mess-Head Above Water-Verycords-2023
    Barbara Blue-The shoals-From the Shoals-Big blue rec.-2023
    Barbara Blue-Tell Mama-From the Shoals-Big blue rec.-2023
    Harlem Lake-I wish I could go running-Single-2023
    Malaya Blue-Your act has worn thin-Blue credentials-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Malaya Blue-Bring me your sin-Blue credentials-Blue heart rec.-2022
    X-Side-I’m so bad-Live in room-Autoprod.-2014
    The Cinelli Brothers-Choo ma gum-Choo ma gum-2020
    Yates McKendree-Ruby Lee-Buchanan Lane-Qualified rec.-2022
    Yates McKendree-Wise-Buchanan Lane-Qualified rec.-2022
    De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Masske !-Wad e famile-De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Masske !-Autoprod.-2023
    De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Masske !-’K goen vertrekke-De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Masske !-Autoprod.-2023
    The Mighty Soul Drivers-I wouldn’t treat a dog-I’ll carry you home-Hog heaven rec.-2022
    The Mighty Soul Drivers-Party by the tower-I’ll carry you home-Hog heaven rec.-2022
    Stef Paglia trio-Blue eyes-Light & darkness-2023
    Stef Paglia trio-Stand up-Light & darkness-2023
    MiXendorp-Elektrance-Trance Formed-Black & Tan rec.-2023

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  • Tellin’you - 5 janvier 2023 - Les auditeurs ont la parole -

    Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’You-Naked prod.-2004
    Tony Joe White-Lake placid blues-Lake placid blues-1995
    Walter Washington Wolfman-I want to know-Wolf and the door-1991
    Chris Cain-Too many problems-Raisin’ Cain-2021
    Lil’ Red & the Rooster-Back of the bus-Keep on !-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Buddy Guy-Back door scratchin-The blues don’t lie-RCA rec.-2022
    Maurizio Pugno-Carousel-Sacromud-2022
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Come closer-Bloodstone-Autoprod.-2021
    Led Zeppelin-Celebration day-Led Zeppelin III-1970
    Boz Scaggs & Duane Allman-Loan me a dime-Boz Scaggs-1969
    Carlos Elliot Jr-Raise the fire america-Raise the fire america-2014
    Carlos Elliot & Gente Espiritu-H’okha-Single-2020
    LittleBig6ster-Jungle fever-LB6-Autoprod.-2020
    Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies-Boogie king-Big wheel-1998
    Mike Zito-I’ll made love to you-Resurrection-Gulf coast rec.-2021
    Small Jackets-Forever night-Walking the boogie-2006
    Sons of Liberty-Damaged reputation-Aces & Eights-2021
    Rock Candy Funky Party-Gothic Orleans-The Grooove 3-2017

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  • Emission CRB
    Tellin’you - 20 octobre 2022 -

    Boogie Beasts-Long Haired Doney-Blues from Jupiter-Naked/Donor-2022
    Dissidence Blues-Waterbound-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
    Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Illinois blues-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
    Karen Lovely-Waking up the dead-Fish outta water-Autoprod.-2017
    Jose Ramirez-Travelling riverside blues-Here I come-Autoprod.-2020
    Derrick Procell-Skin in the game-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Derrick Procell-The contender-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Derrick Procell-Broken promise-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Alex Lopez-World on fire-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
    Alex Lopez-Just wait-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
    Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Walk with your maker-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
    Boogie Beasts-Favorite scene-Love me some-Naked/Donor-2021
    Carolyn Wonderland-Fragile peace and certain war-Tempting Fate-Alligator rec.-2021
    Lowland Brothers-Two pounds of loaded steel-Lowland Brothers-Wita rec.-2021
    Andrew Alli-30 long years-Hard workin’ man-EllerSoul rec.-2020
    Mike Wheeler & the Capitol horns-That what love will make you do-Turn up !!-Bluztrack-2022
    John Németh-Sooner or later-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
    John Németh-Feeling good-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
    Thomas Kahn-Stay away-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022
    Thomas Kahn-Flying around-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 22 décembre 2022 - Spéciale Belges -

    Stef Paglia trio-Stand Up-Single-2022
    Shapeshifted-Round and round-Single-2022
    PD Martin-Wild river-Single-2022
    Tiny Legs Tim-Ocean-Call us when it’s over-Sing my title-2020
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Too many people-Bending the rules-Naked/Donor-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-Heart is burning-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Blue Chevys-Willow tree-The night calls-Naked/Donor-2022
    Dissidence Blues-Goin’ down slow-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
    Ghalia Volt-Bad apple-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    The Ragged Roses-Cravin’ for your lovin’-Do me right-Rootz rumble/Donor-2021
    The Bluesbones-Going down-Chasing shadows-Naked/Donor-2018
    Blues Lee-Work hard-Twenty five-Backstab rec.-2020
    Steven Troch band-The one you can rely on-The Call-Sing my title-2022
    Bill & the Burners-Wrong station-Vidéo
    Power Shake-Bottle Boogie-So far so good-Fête du bruit-2021
    Guy Verlinde & the Artisans of Solace-I’m you man-Standing in the light of a brand new day-R&S music-2021
    Boogie Beasts-Who’ll be next-Blues from Jupiter-Juke joint 500-2022
    Maxwell Street-Hot pants-Going back-Autoprod.-2014
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Dirtylicious-Bloodstone-Autoprod.-2021
    Crayon Sun-Where are you-Vidéo
    Little Hook-Hillburner-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017

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  • Tellin’you - 15 décembre 2022 -

    Otis Taylor-Huckleberry blues-My world is gone-Autoprod.-2013
    Watermelon Slim and the Workers-The bloody burmese blues-No paid holidays-Northernblues music-2008
    Delta Moon-Death letter-Cabbage town-Autoprod.-2017
    Royal Southern Brotherwood-Blood is thicker than water-The royal gospel-Ruf rec.-2016
    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-I used to love you-Change my game-Ruf rec.-2017
    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Change my game-Change my game-Ruf rec.-2017
    Mr Bo Weavil-I don’t give a shit-As a striving lonesome bull-Dixiefrog-2013
    Laurence Jones band-Everything’s gonna be allright-Laurence Jones band-Top stop music-2019
    Marcus Bonfanti-My baby don’t dance-Shake the walls-Jig Saw music-2013
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Into the water-Bloodstone-Autoprod.-2021
    Rusty Roots-Country and wagons-Something ain’t right-Tub Thumper rec.-2011
    The Hoochies-Backstreet crawler-Live ! Moulin Blues-Autoprod.-2019
    Jim Suhler-Sky’s full of crows-Panther burn-Underworldindie rec.-2013
    Imperial Crowns-Golden girl-Hymn Book-Ruf rec.-2004
    Jesus Volt-I’m a jerk-Jesus Volt-Note a bene-2015
    Jesus Volt-Bullseye-Jesus Volt-Note a bene-2015
    LittleBig6ster-Jungle fever-LB6-Autoprod.-2021

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  • Tellin’you - 01 décembre 2022 -

    Shapeshifted-Round and round-Single-2022
    Red Beans & Pepper Sauce-Guess my name-7-Crossroads/Socadisc-2022
    Thomas Kahn-More than sunshine-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022
    Mike Guldin-Raise a ruckus-Tumblin’-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Walking Blues-Apple tree swing-Roots-Autoprod.-2022
    Fred & the Healers-Remedy-Hammerbeatmatic-Team 4 Action-2014
    Studebaker John & the Hawks-Two time boogie-Tremoluxe-1996
    Tad Robinson-Real street-Real street-Severn rec.-2019
    Well Well Well-Let it shine-Live
    Shaggy Dogs-Carpe diem-Sorry for the delay-Pile ou face-2022
    Alex Lopez-Holy woman-Nasty crime-Maremil-2022
    Detonics-It’s gotta be me-Detonized-Naked/Donor-2022
    Dana Fuchs-Last to know-Borrowed time-Ruf rec.-2022
    Kaz Hawkins-Don’t make mama cry-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Jeremiah Johnson-Ball and chain-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
    Ina Forsman-Love me-All there is-Jazzhauss rec.-2022
    Touch of Groove-I’ll get through this time-Autoprod.-2022
    Janiva Magness-Don’t you forget about me-Hard to kill-Fathead rec.-2022
    Trudy Lynn-Tell me-Golden girl-Nola blue rec.-2022

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