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  • Tellin’you - 9 septembre 2021 -

    Tedeshi Trucks Band -Bell bottom blues - Layla revisited-swamp family music 2021
    Leafhound -Evil-Live in Japan-Ripple music 2013
    The Jompson Brothers -Motor runnin-The jompson brothers-aoto prod 2010
    The Bardogs -Sail away-Southern soul-Bad reputation 2019
    Southern Bitch -True born leader-Snake in the grass-Captiva records 2004
    The Barret Anderson Band -House party -Hypnoboogie-Whitaker blues records 2020
    Red Beans & Peper Sauce -Half world changeling -The red tour -Auto prod 2018
    Black Ink River -No no no -Through the unknown -GMR music 2021
    Holy River Baby -Eve -Frenzy -Auto prod 2020
    Mad Jack -Soldier of fortune -The best of -Fast guns record 2012
    Vexine -Tantilla gardens -Little sin -Zap records 2016
    Super Sonic Blues Machine -I am done missing you -Road chronicles -Mascot music 2019
    Moutain’s Foot -Angry bear -Mountain’s foot -Delta promotions 2020
    The Southern Locomotive -Last dollar bill -Somewhere in time -Auto prod 2020
    Christone Kingfish Ingram -My bad -662 -Alligator record 2021

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  • Tellin’you - 2 septembre 2021 -

    Boogie Beasts-Run you down-Love me some-Donor/Naked-2021
    Boogie Beasts-Get me out of here-Love me some-Donor/Naked-2021
    Altered Five Blues Band-Holler if you hear me-Holler if you hear me-Blind pig rec.-2021
    Altered Five Blues Band-Guilty of a good time-Holler if you hear me-Blind pig rec.-2021
    Guy Verlinde-Surrender to the groove-Standing in the light of a brand new day-R&S music-2021
    Guy Verlinde-Up on the mountain-Standing in the light of a brand new day-R&S music-2021
    Sugar Queen blues trio-Live stream at the Goudse Schouwburg-2021
    The BluesBones-Find my way out-Chasin shadows-Donor/Naked-2018
    Adam Schultz-A real mother for ya-Soulful distancing-Blue heart rec.-2021
    Adam Schultz-Harlem tonight-Soulful distancing-Blue heart rec.-2021
    Johnny Tucker feat Kid Ramos and the Allstars-All night long, all night long-75 and alive-Blue Heart rec. & Highjohn rec.-2021
    Johnny Tucker feat Kid Ramos and the Allstars-Can’t you see-75 and alive-Blue Heart rec. & Highjohn rec.-2021
    Ghalia Volt-Bad apple-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Fred & the Healers-Lovers Boogie-Hammerbeatmatic-Team 4 action-2014
    Neal Black & the Healers-Jesus & Johnny Walker-Before daylights-2014
    Mike Zito-I’ll make love to you-Resurrection-Golf coast rec.-2021
    Mike Zito-Presence of the Lord-Resurrection-Golf coast rec.-2021

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  • Tellin’you - 17 juin 2021 -

    Manu Slide-Slow down-Uke Swing-2021
    Manu Slide-Stray Cat Strut-Uke Swing-2021
    Dissidence-Yidaki blues-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
    Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017
    Boogie Beasts-Favorite Scene-single-Naked/Donor-2021
    Walter Broes & the Mercenaries-Smoker-Single-Rootz Rumble-2021
    Bill and the Burners-Wrong station-Live
    Stef Paglia trio-Freedom-Never forget-Autoproduc.-2019
    Tiny Legs Tim-Elsewhere bound-Elswhere bound-Sing my title-2019
    The BluesBones-Depression-Live
    The BluesBones-Psycho mind-Chasing shadows-Naked/Donor-2018
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-oo many people-Single-Naked/Donor-2021
    The Blue Chevys-Burning heart-Turn it back-Autoprod.-2016
    Power Shake-Boogie house-Go wild !-Fête du bruit-2018
    Black Mirrors-Lay my burden down-Look into the black mirror-Napalm rec.-2018
    Romano Nervoso-We miss you jay reahard-The return of the rocking dead-Mottow soundz-2020
    Black Box Revelation-Tattooed smiles-Tattooed smiles-Bana king rec.-2018
    Fifty Foot Combo-Trop sauvage-Fifty foot combo-Drunkabilly rec.-2016
    Ghalia Volt-Reap what you sow-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Ghalia Volt-It ain’t bad-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021

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  • Tellin’you - 10 juin 2021 - invité Manu Slide de Uke Swing -

    Harpsliders-Démarrage difficile-Homemade cookin’-Bluesbox-2012
    U Man Slide-Gonna raise my head-Let’s play together-Yokatta rec.-2016
    Uke Swing-Charley Patton’s Ghost-Live
    Uke Swing-Honeyst I blue-Live
    Yokatta Brothers feat. Willie Mehto-Seven days-Yokatta live session #1-Yokatta rec.-2017
    Uke Swing-Shoe Shine Boy-Live
    Philippe Ménard-Well done-Exile on Mémène street-Autoprod.-2020
    Charlie Musselwhite-Darkest hour-Darkest hour-Henrietta rec.-2002
    Hazmat Modine-In our home-Box of breath-Jaro rec.-2019
    Mavis Staples-Sometime-We get by-Anti-2019
    Fleetwood Mac-Closing my eyes-Then play on-1969

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  • Tellin’you - 03 juin 2021 -

    The Black Keys-Coal black Mattie-Delta Kream-Autoprod.-2021
    The Black Keys-Crawling kingsnakes-Delta Kream-Autoprod.-2021
    Steven Troch band-Bad taste-Rhymes for mellow minds-Sing my title-2018
    Malted Milk-You got my soul-Love, tears and guns-Blues production-2019
    Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws-Drinkin again-When birds were snakes-Creeping fig rec.-2021
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Too many people-single-Naked/Donor-2021
    The Bluesbones-Demon blues-single/Live on stage-Naked/Donor-2020
    Eddie 9V-Miss James-Little black flies-Ruf rec.-2021
    Mark Cameron-Dirty biscuit-On a roll-Cop rec.-2019
    The Reverend Shaw Amos-I’m ready-The cause of it all-Put together music-2021
    Professor Louie and the Crowmatix-Love bound-Miles of blues-Woodstock rec.-2019
    Kaz Hawkins-Drink with the devil-Get ready’-Autoprod.-2014
    Benoit Blue Boy & les Tortilleurs-Juste une cigarette-Résolument bleu-Tempo rec.-2020
    Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-My girl across town-Who dat ?-Autoprod.-2018
    Awek-Goin’ away babe-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Last time-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Abbygail-Plenty more fish-Gun control-M&O music-2019
    Bernard Allison-Slide master-Songs from the road-Ruf rec.-2019

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  • Tellin’you - 13 mai 2021 -

    Walter Broes & the Mercenaries-Nice & neat-Single-Rootz Rumble-2021
    Walter Broes & the Mercenaries-Smoker-Single-Rootz Rumble-2021
    Muddy Gurdy-Chain gang-Homecoming-L’autre distribution-2021
    Clarence Spady-Down home blues-Surrender-Nola blue rec.-2021
    Grady Champion-Down home blues-Steppin’in-A tribute to ZZ Hill-Malaco rec.-2019
    Lise Cabaret-Délirium passionnel-Délirium passionnel-Autoprod.-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Dance it out-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Rockin’ that soul-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Awek-I’m staying home-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Awek-Smokin’ Mambo-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Paul Personne-Karma-Funambule-Verycords-2019
    Paul Personne-Comedia-Funambule-Verycords-2019
    Bjorn Berge-A matter of time-Heavy gauge-Blue Moods-2021
    Bjorn Berge-Coliseum-Heavy gauge-Blue Moods-2021
    Sonny Landreth-Mule-Blacktop run-Provogue/Mascot-2020
    Sonny Landreth-Don’t ask me-Blacktop run-Provogue/Mascot-2020
    Thorbjorn Risager & the black tornado-Two lovers-Come on in-Ruf rec.-2020
    Thorbjorn Risager & the black tornado-Last train-Come on in-Ruf rec.-2020
    Jimmie Batcher-Chicken tastes the same-I’m hungry-Ain’t skeert tunes-2021
    Joe Lewis band-Defying gravity-Up next-Autoprod.-2021

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  • Tellin’you - 06 mai 2021 -

    Rozedale-Ghost for you-single-Replica rec.-2021
    Sweet Bourbon-The beast-Born a rebel-Bourbon rec.-2020
    Sweet Bourbon-Muddy Footprints-Born a rebel-Bourbon rec.-2020
    Sweet Bourbon-I asked you a question-Born a rebel-Bourbon rec.-2020
    Clarence Spady-If my life was a book-Surrender-Nola blue rec.-2021
    Clarence Spady-Segue/Good conversation-Surrender-Nola blue rec.-2021
    Steevie Nimmo-Still hungry-Sky won’t fall-Manhanton rec.-2016
    King King-Tear it all up-Exile & Grace-Manhanton rec.-2017
    Grady Champion-Three into two won’t go-A tribute to ZZ Hill-Malaco rec.-2019
    Soul return-In the meantime-Soul return-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2018
    The Sideshow tragedy-Long time coming-The view from nowhere-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2017
    Superdownhome-I’m broke-No balls, no blues chips-Dixiefrog-2021
    Superdownhome-Kick out the jams-No balls, no blues chips-Dixiefrog-2021
    Manu Lanvin and the devil blues-Blues, booze & rock’n’roll-Blues, booze & rock’n’roll-Verycords-2016
    Mr Bo Weavil-I don’t wanna be no rebel-As a striving lonesome bull-Dixiefrog/Harmonia mundi-2013
    Peter Veleska & blues train-Running like a dog-Grass ain’t greener on the other side-Autoprod.-2020
    Popa Chubby-Baby put on your mask-Tinfoil hat-Dixiefrog-2021
    Meena Cryle & the Fillmore band-Enough is enough-Tell me-Ruf rec.-2014
    No sinner-All woman-Old habits die hard-Provogue/Mascot-2016

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  • Tellin’you du 29 avril 2021 -

    Awek-Goin’ away babe-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Awek-I like to be alone-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Awek-The healer-Awek-Autoprod.-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Dance it out-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Jostle-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Sweet Scarlett-Set my riff-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Louis Mezzasoma-Kick some ass-Mercenary-Le cri du charbon-2021
    Louis Mezzasoma-Rusty man-Mercenary-Le cri du charbon-2021
    Archie Lee Hooker & the coast to coast blues band-River blues-Live in Wattrelos-Borderline blues-2021
    Archie Lee Hooker & the coast to coast blues band-You don’t love me no more-Live in Wattrelos-Borderline blues-2021
    Electro blues society feat Boo Boo Davis-It’s a sad thing-single-Black & Tan rec.-2021
    Alex Lopez-Light it up-Rising up-On maremil music and records-2021
    Alex Lopez-Rising up-Rising up-On maremil music and records-2021
    Little Bob Blues Bastards-Walls and barbed wires-We need hope-Verycords-2021
    Trevor B Power-Get well Johnny-What is real-Farm 189 rec.-2021
    Johnny Gallagher & the boxty band-2020 vision-2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
    8 Ball Aiken-Love me or leave me-Ice cream man-Red rocker rec.-2020
    Made J-Doin anything I say-Tiger blood-Mottow soundz-2018

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