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  • Tellin’You - 19 mai 2022 - Cahors Blues Festival “scène Johnny Winter” -

    Slim Paul-Let me in-Dead already-Blue line-2018
    Slim Paul-Stuck on my own city-Dead already-Blue line-2018
    Blue Fever-Let the ol’man play the blues-We are young-Rock’n loc-2020
    Blue Fever-I don’t wanna know-We are young-Rock’n loc-2020
    Two Roots duo-Bord under a bad sign-Live
    Louis Mezzasoma-Kick some ass-Mercenary-Le cri du charbon-2021
    Thomas Doucet & the G-Lights-Slave of your love-Make love great again-Autoprod.-2021
    Thomas Doucet & the G-Lights-The only one to know-Make love great again-Autoprod.-2021
    The Jake Walkers-Dirty mother for you-99 bottles of beer-2020
    The Yellbows-Peanut-Early in the morning-Autoprod.-2018
    Jerry T & the Black Alligators-Strange blue liquor-Where is the meat ?-Autoprod.-2021
    Freddy Miller & the Blues Steelers-If you reach my world-My blues-Autoprod.-2017
    La Bedoune-Does anybody care-La Bedoune-Autoprod.-2020
    The Money Makers-Hey bartender-Live
    Mike Green band-Pretty baby-Live
    Nirek Mokar & the Boogie Messengers-Shout for Joy-Live
    Grant Haua-Devil is a woman-Awa Blues-Dixiefrog-2021
    Neal Black & the Healers-I’m gonna cry-Wherever the road takes me-Dixiefrog-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 12 mai 2022 – Cahors Blues Festival “grande scène” -

    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Drowing-Songs from the road-Ruf rec.-2015
    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Too many roads-Songs from the road-Ruf rec.-2015
    Christone “Kingfish” Ingram-Long distance woman-662-Alligator rec.-2021
    Barrence Whitfield & the Savages-Let’s go to mars-Soul flowers of Titan-Bloodshot rec.-2018
    Barrence Whitfield & the Savages-Madhouse-Ow ow ow !-1987
    Popa Chubby-Tonight I’m gonna be the man-Emotional gangster-Dixiefrog-2021
    Popa Chubby-Equal opportunity-Emotional gangster-Dixiefrog-2021
    Sam Player Shoot Again-Get out of my life woman-Our king Albert-Five fishes-2021
    Sam Player Shoot Again-The same old blues-Our king Freddie-Bonsaï music-2018
    Kirk Fletcher & Bette Smith-Dance monkey-Dance monkey-Cléopatra-2020
    Kirk Fletcher-You need me-Hold on-Autoprod.-2018
    Kyla Brox-Frustation-Gone-Pigskin rec.-2012
    Whitney Shay-Change with the times-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020
    Whitney Shay-PS It’s not about you-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020
    Kaz Hawkins-Don’t make mama cry-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Kaz Hawkins-Something’s gotta hold on me-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Leon Beal & the Luca Giordano band- Still here-Live
    Fred Chapellier-I’d rather be alone-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
    Fred Chapellier-Blues on my radio-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
    Fred Chapellier-Where eagles die-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 05 mai 2022 –

    Kaz Hawkins-Don’t make mama cry-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Miss Bix-The poison-Bring it-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Trudy Lynn-I just can’t say goodbye-Golden girl-Nola blue rec.-2022
    Touch of Groove-Evolved world-Touch of Groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Marc Loy-Trousse la vie-Nu(e)-Rock paradise-2022
    Fred Chapellier-I’d rather be alone-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
    Circle of Mud-You’re my home-Circle of Mud-Dixiefrog-2021
    Boogie Beasts-Grinnin’ in your face-single-Naked/Donor-2022
    The BluesBones-Sealed souls-Live on stage-Naked/Donor-2020
    Travelling Blue Kings-A stiffer drink-single-Naked/Donor-2022
    The Wildroots-I.O.U.-Wildroots sessions vol.2-Wildroots rec.-2022
    The Wildroots-The bad seed-Wildroots sessions vol.2-Wildroots rec.-2022
    Krissy Matthews-The man said no-Pizza man blues-Ruf rec.-2021
    Peter Veteska & Blues train-You give me nothing but the blues-Blue heart rec.-2021
    Tito Jackson-You’re gonna push me too far-Under your spell-Gulf coast rec.-2021
    Gentilo-Troublin’-Gentilo-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Mike Zito-I’ll make love to you-Resurrection-Gulf coast rec.-2021
    Stacy Mitchhart-I might be your husband-Printers Alley-Autoprod.-2021

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  • Tellin’You – 28 avril 2022 – invité Jean Marc Prévot pour Blues en Estaminet -

    Arno-Les yeux de ma mère-L’essentiel-Capitol-2004
    Bluesouls-Can’t be satisfied-Live
    Philippe Ménard-Lying-Exile on Mémène Street-Autoprod.-2020
    Philippe Ménard-Back at the bacchanale-Exile on Mémène Street-Autoprod.-2020
    Manu Slide-Honest I do-Uke swing-Yokatta rec.-2021
    Manu Slide-Stray cat strut-Uke swing-Yokatta rec.-2021
    Walkin Blues-Switchman blues-Walkin blues-Autoprod.-2020
    Black Dog-Trill is gone-Live
    Deborah Bonham-Can’t you see what you’re doing to me-Bonham-Bullick-Quarto valley rec.-2022
    The Nighthawks-Coming and going-Established 1972-Vizztone-2022
    Champion Jack Dupree-Shim, Sham, Shimmy-The essential recordings
    Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps-Be Bop a Lula-Virginia record-The history of rockabilly in the commenwealth-JSP rec.-2009
    The Hi-Tombs-Sweet rockin’ mama-Virginia record-The history of rockabilly in the commenwealth-JSP rec.-2009
    Daniel Balasz-Keytown boogie-Live at Kammgarn
    Luca Sestak-Dust my broom-Live at Kammgarn
    Nico Brina & friends-When the Saints go marching in-The b’day session

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  • Tellin’You – 21 avril 2022 –

    Touch of groove-Since you’ve been gone-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Touch of groove-Breath-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    T-99-Motorcycle years-Beldam-2016
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-If only...-Bending the rules- Naked/Donor-2022
    Sweet Scarlett-Jostle-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    Nico Wayne Toussaint-No cuttin loose-Plays James Cotton-Dixiefrog-2017
    John Clifton band-In the middle of nowhere-In the middle of nowhere-Rip cat rec.-2019
    Kaz Hawkins-Full Force Gale-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Guilty Delight-Back to business-Lose control-Big Star rec.-2021
    Trudy Lynn-Tell me-Golden girl-Nola blue rec.-2022
    Samantha Fish-Chills and fever-Chills and fever-Ruf rec.-2017
    Tito Jackson-All in the family blues-Under your spell-Gulf Coast rec.-2021
    Zac Harmon-Soul land-Long as I got my guitar-Catfood rec.-2021
    Royal Southern Brotherhood-Blood is thicker than water-The royal gospel-Ruf rec.-2016
    Gérald McClendon-Funky stuff-Let’s have a party-Delta roots rec.-2021
    Johnny Rawls-Tiger in a cage-Tiger in a cage-Catfood rec.-2016
    Joe Lewis band-Hot lovin’ Momma-Up next-Autoprod.-2021
    8 Ball Aiken-Ice cream man-Ice cream man-2021
    Malted Milk-Soul of a woman-Soul of a woman-Dixiefrog-2011
    Altered Five blues band-All suit, No soul-Holler if you hear me-Blind Pig rec.-2021

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  • Tellin’You – 14 avril 2022 –

    Touch of groove-I’ll get through this time-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Touch of groove-Evolved world-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Ana Popovic-Brand new man-Like it on top-ArtisteXclusive rec.-2018
    Chilly Willy-Hip shake-25 years live-Blueshine rec.-2017
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Hold your horses-Bending the rules- Naked/Donor-2022
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-It can’t go wrong-It can’t go wrong-Autoprod.-2018
    John Clifton band-In the middle of nowhere-In the middle of nowhere-Rip cat rec.-2019
    Sweet Scarlett-Dance it out-Rockin’ that soul-EMA-2021
    The Italian Job-Roots & Roses-Single
    Markey Blue Ric Latina Project-Bad for real-Impin’ the broom-SoulSound rec.-2022
    Markey Blue Ric Latina Project-Hanging on-Impin’ the broom-SoulSound rec.-2022
    Gentilo-Troublin’-Gentilo-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Steven Troch band-The one you can rely on-The Call-Autoprod.-2022
    Steven Troch band-Bad times-The Call-Autoprod.-2022
    The Blue Chevys-Fun no more-The night calls-Naked/Donor-2022
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-What needed doin’ done-Bending the rules- Naked/Donor-2022
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Never never land-Bending the rules- Naked/Donor-2022
    Boogie Beasts-Grinnin’ in your face-single-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 31 mars 2022 –

    Marc Loy-J’ai passé l’âge de vieillir-Nu(e)-Autoprod.-2022
    Marc Loy-De l’air-Nu(e)-Autoprod.-2022
    Marc Loy-Le gardien du bar-Nu(e)-Autoprod.-2022
    David Lumsden-Ruthless boogie-Rooted in the blues-Autoprod.-2022
    David Lumsden-Hooked on something-Rooted in the blues-Autoprod.-2022
    Jay & the Cooks-Empty glass of love-Dried up dreams-Juste une trace-2022
    Jay & the Cooks-Confederate son-Dried up dreams-Juste une trace-2022
    Touch of groove-Listen to daddy-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Touch of groove-This summer 21-Touch of groove-Autoprod.-2022
    Natalia M King-Pink houses-Woman mind of my own-Dixiefrog-2021
    Guy Verlinde & Olivier Vander Bauwede-Live
    Manu Slide-Uke swing-Uke swing-Autoprod.-2021
    Kaz Hawkins-Pray-My lie and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Danny Bryant-Tired of trying-The early years-Continental blue heaven-2022
    Miss Bix-Ain’t no such thing-Bring it-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Miss Bix-Red walls-Bring it-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Miss Bix-Daddy why-Bring it-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Boogie Beasts-Grinnin’ in your face-single-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 24 mars 2022 - Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival de Calais–

    Slam Allen-All because you-Feel these blues-American showplace music-2015
    Nico Wayne Toussaint-No cuttin loose-Plays James Cotton-Dixiefrog-2017
    Lil’Red & the Rooster-Keep on loving you baby-Live
    John Clifton band-How about that-Nightlife-Rip cat rec.-2018
    Luke Winslow King band feat Roberto Luti-Watch me change-Live
    Guilty Delight-Lose control-Lose control-Autoprod.-2021
    Kyla Brox-Frustation-Gone-Pigskin rec.2007
    Kaz Hawkins-Something’s gotta hold on me-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Manu Slide & Tristan “GI 45”-When my last prayer is done-Live
    Little Dan & his wet dogs-My babe-Live
    Blues Eaters-Groovy child o’mine-Live
    Walkin’Blues-Walk with your maker-Walkin’Blues-Autoprod.-2020
    Little Devils & the Shuffle Blue Flames-Sugar sweet-Sticky rollin’-Autoprod.-2020
    Black Cat Joe & Miss Corina-Sugar mama-Live
    The Rambling Boys-Back in the street-Live
    Gentilo-Disease-Gentilo-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Gentilo-Peace train-Gentilo-Blue heart rec.-2022
    The Love Light orchestra-Open book-Leave the light on-Nola blue rec.-2022
    The Love Light orchestra-Leave the light on-Leave the light on-Nola blue rec.-2022
    Albert Castiglia-Long haul daddy-I got love-Gulf coast rec.-2022

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