Maxwell St du 28 Juin 2022

THE Reverend Shawn AMOS-Single-I need to get loving-Put Together Music
THE WACKY JUGS-Wired, wild and wicked-True religion-L’Autre Distribution
CATCH 23-Single-Sweet soul medicine-Self
T-BEAR AND THE DUKES-Blue-I wouldn’t treat a dog-Self
MOCKINGBIRDS-Mohair soul-Alabama train-Self
Till SEIDEL-Lockdown sessions volume 2-Cheatin’ and lying’-Crosscut Records
BLACK CAT BONES-Rolling thunder-Undertaker-Self
THE BLACK KEYS-Dropout boogie-Your team is looking good-Easy Eye Sound
Franck L. GOLDWASSER-Lockdown sessions volume 2-Just one more week-Crosscut Records
BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-Let the blues heal you-Donor Productions
SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay-Johnny-Pile Ou Face
Edgar WINTER-Brother Johnny-Johnny B. Goode-Quarto Valley Records
WINTER BLUES BAND-Winter Blues Band-Disconnection-Winter Blues Core
Mr. TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-Baby I miss you-BluzTrack Productions
Clay MELTON-Live in Texas-Devil don’t-Self