Maxwell St du 28 Décembre 2021

Katie HENRY-On my way-On my way- Ruf Records
BIG DEZ-Chicken in the car and. The car don’t go !-Up and down the road-Socadisc
Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-If it bleeds it leads-Socadisc
GOV’T MULE-Heavy load blues-Long distance call-Fantasy
KELLY’S LOT-Where and when-Stronger-Self
Teresa JAMES & THE RHYTHM TRAMPS-Rose colored glasses-Takes one to know one-Blue Heart Records
Jon SPEAR BAND-B Side of my life-Big talk-Self
Hughes TAYLOR-Modern nostalgia-Wicked woman-Self
MEAN OLD FIREMAN AND THE CRUEL ENGINEERS-Dumpster fire-Cold woman with warm hearts-Self
LITTLE BIG 6STER-LB6-Disappear-Self
Elizabeth KING-Living in the last days-He touched me-Bible & Tire Recordings
Elder Jack WARD-Already made-He’s got great things-Bible & Tire Recordings
Ben LEVIN-Still here-I’m your essential worker-Vizztone
Fred BARRETO GROUP-Moving on-Dream again-Self