Maxwell St du 27 Octobre 2020

Benoit BLUE BOY-Résolument bleu-Ca déplaît, ça déplaît-Tempo Records
Nico DUPORTAL, Victor PUERTAS, Jack O’ RONNIE & Andre WERKMEISTER-Lockdown sessions-Hey sweet Marie-Crosscut Records
Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Riverbed blues-Nola Blue Records
Dave RILEY & Bon CORRITORE-Travelin’ the dirt road-Friends-Vizztone
Kid RAMOS & Bon CORRITORE-Phoenix blues sessions-24 hours- Vizztone
Henry GRAY & Bob CORRITORE-Cold chills-Look out Mabel-Vizztone
THE McKEE BROTHERS-A time like this-Realize-McKee Bros Music
Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-A brand new life-Self
Johnny GALLAGHER AND THE BOXTY BAND-A 2020 vision-Judi-Dixiefrog
Mick KOLASSA-If you can’t be good, be good at it !-A good day for the blues-Endless Blues Records
SUGAR RAY AND THE BLUETONES-Too far from the bar-Too far from the bar-Severn Records
CD WOODBURY-World’s gone crazy-Follow the river home-Self
Elvin BISHOP & Charlie MUSSELWHITE-100 years of blues-Old school-Alligator Records
Neal BLACK & THE HEALERS- A little boom boom boom-Green bean swing-Dixiefrog