Maxwell St du 21 Septembre 2021

THE Reverend Shawn AMOS-The cause of it all-Goin’ to the church-Self
TRAVELIN’ BLUE KINGS-Single-Too many people-Donor Productions
Donna HERULA-Bang at the door-Bang at the door-Self
Ismo HAAVISTO, Andres ROOTS, Matias PARTANEN-Tribute to Elmore-Hawaiian boogie-Roots Art
Robert Connely FARR-Country supper-Catfish-Self
Johnny TUCKER featuring Kid RAMOS AND THE ALL STARS-75 alive-Dance like I should-Blue Heart Records
Guy KING-Joy is coming-Joy is coming-IBF Records
Christone « Kingfish » INGRAM-662-Not gonna lie-Alligator Records
Robert FINLEY-Sharecropper’s son-Sharecropper’s son-Easy Eye Sound
SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-Down in Mississippi-Dixiefrog
LOS LOBOS-Native sons-Misery-New West Records
Brad VICKERS AND HIS VESTAPOLITANS-The music get us thru-The music get us thru-Man Hat Tone
Chris GILL-Between Midnight and Louise-Thank you for another day-Self
Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Personne ne gagne-Three Forks Musik
Krissy MATTHEWS-Pizza man blues-Mayday-Ruf Records