Maxwell St du 21 Janvier 2020

Tomàs DONCKER-Evil-Moanin’ at midnight-True Groove Records
Kern PRATT-Hard working man-Greenville,MS… What about you ?-Endless Blues Records
Chris SHUTTERS-Poor boy blue-Good gone bad-Third Street Cigar Records
MISS BEE & THE BULLFROGS-Kindness got limits-Miss Bee & The Bullfrogs-Self
DOC LOU AND THE ROOSTERS-I am free-Crowing blues-Self
Thorbjorn RISAGER & THE BLACK TORNADO-Come on in-Come on in-Ruf Records
Coco MONTOYA-I wouldn’t wanna be you-Coming in hot-Alligator Records
Sid WHELAN-Legba ain’t no devil-Waitin’ for payday-presidio Records
Bai KAMARA Jr & THE VOODOO SNIFFERS-Can’t wait here too long-Salone-Moosicus Records
KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-My name is George Stinney-Once upon a time…-Self
PACO DUKE-I always will-Only dreams come true-Paco Duke Music
JACK MACK & THE HEART ATTACK-Woman thing-Live from Centennial Park Atlanta-Free Roll Records
THE TESKEY BROTHERS-Carry you-Run home slow-Decca Music