Maxwell St du 13 Avril 2021

Selwyn BIRCHWOOD-Living in a burning house-Through a microphone-Alligator Records
Martin LANG-Bad man-Younger days-Random Chance Records
Benoit BLUE BOY-Résolument bleu-Rien d’autre à faire- Tempo Records
THE HITMAN BLUES BAND-Not my circus-You can’t say no-Nerus Records
LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS-We need hope-You can’t come back-Verycords Records
Archie Lee HOOKER AND THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND-Living in a memory-It’s a jungle out there-Dixiefrog
Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-You’re going to miss my sorry ass-Alligator Records JAY AND THE COOKS-Le coeur sec-Un verre au comptoir-Juste Une Trace
Jean-Jacques MILTEAU-Lost highway-State of Tennessee-Sunset Records
DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Desperate ways-Self
BAD TEMPER JOE-One can wreck it all-Early morning blues-Time Zone Records Jeremiah JOHNSON-Unemployed highly annoyed-Different plan for me-Ruf Records