Maxwell St du 10 Mai 2022

JANKY-Hill country foot stomp-Ain’t no reason it’s just because-Reverb Unit Records
THE NIGHTHAWKS-Established 1972-Gas station chicken-Vizztone
PROFESSOR LOUIE AND THE CROMATIX-Strike up the band-Work it out-Woodstock Records
Mississippi MACDONALD-Do right, say right-Drinker’s blues-Self
Gaby JOGEIX-Meanwhile in New Orleans-In my dying hour-Record Jet
PRAKASH SLIM-Country blues from Nepal-Villager’s blues-DeVille Records
Dik BANOVICH-Run to you-Run to you-Self
MISTER TCHANG-Tribute 2 the Kings-Born under a bad sign-Self
Ismo HAAVISTO, Andres ROOTS, Matias PARTANEN-Tribute to Elmore-Dust my broom-Roots Arts Records
GOV’T MULE-Heavy load blues-You know my love-Fantasy
Debbie BOND-Blues without borders-Heart of the matter-Blues Roots Productions
Tiffany POLLACK & Co.-Bayou liberty-Livin’ for me-Nola Blue Records