Tellin’You fête ses 10 ans – 22 septembre 2022 – invité Jean Jacques Van denbroucke -

Lil’ Red & the Rooster-Soul Burnin’wrong-Soul Burnin’-Autoprod.-2017
Tommy Castro-Nasty Habits-Exception to the rule-Blind Pig rec.-1995
Tommy Castro-A blues man come to town-Live
Dr Django & his nurses-The way I should be-You are my Valentine-Gateway music-2019
Dick Annegarn-A Saint Denis-Söl-Tôt ou Tard-2020
Kaz Hawkins-Drink with the devil-Live
Sue Foley-Live at Open Music Jazz Club de Comines-2019
Tiny Legs Tim-Ocean-Call us when it’s over-Sing my title-2020
Guy Verlinde & the Artisans of Solace-Live at Open Music Jazz Club de Comines-2021
Sax Gordon & Nico Duportal-Live at Open Music Jazz Club de Comines-2019
Kyla Brox-Beautiful Day-Throw away your blues-Pigskin rec.-2016