Tellin’you du 8 octobre 2020 -

Van Halen-A apolitical blues-OU812-1988
Secret Garden & the Dusty man-Wake up-single
Barefoot Iano-Nowhere in particular-Keep it simple-Indé-2019
Sugar Queen & the Straight blues band-Big leg girl-Live
Fred Cruveiller-To live another day-To live another day-2018
Joseph Martone-St Christopher-Honey birds-Freak house/Inouie-2020
Fred & the Healers-The river bed-Hammerbeatmatic-Blues boulevard rec.-2014
The Bluesbones-Psycho mind-Chasing shadows-Donor/Naked-2018
Black Cat Biscuit-Train 66-That’s how the cookie crumbles-Donor/Naked-2019
CD Woodbury-I didn’t know-World’s gone crazy-Autoprod.-2020
CD Woodbury-World’s gone crazy-World’s gone crazy-Autoprod.-2020
CD Woodbury-South of south hill-World’s gone crazy-Autoprod.-2020
John Németh-Throw me in the water-Stronger than strong-Nola blues rec.2020
John Németh-Deprivin’ a love-Stronger than strong-Nola blue rec.-2020
Eric Johanson-Never tomorrow-Below sea level-Nola blue rec.-2020
Eric Johanson-Riverbend blues-Below sea level-Nola blue rec.-2020
Vanessa Collier-Take a chance on me-Heart on the line-Autoprod.-2020
Vanessa Collier-Super bad-Heart on the line-Autoprod.-2020

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