Tellin’You « confinement » – 26 novembre 2020 –

Johnny Gallagher and the Boxty band-Scars and stitches-A 2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
Kat Riggins-Burn it all down-Cry out-Gulf coast rec.-2020
Dave Fields-Chloe & Otis-Force of will-Autoprod.-2020
Jeremiah Johnson-Unemployed highly annoyed-Unemployed highly annoyed-Ruf rec.-2020
David Rotundo band-Too blue-So much trouble-Dreams we share-2020
Mary Jo Curry band-Nothin’ is easy-Front porch-Autoprod.-2020
Bette Smith-Pine belt blues-The Good the Bad the Bette-Ruf rec.-2020
Dennis Jones-Front door man-Soft hard & loud-Blues rock rec.-2020
Tim Woods-Ready-Vortex-Autoprod.-2020
The Reverend Shawn Amos & the Brotherhood-27 Dollars-Blue sky-Put together music-2020
Kristen Thien-Shoulda been-Two sides-Screen door rec.-2020
Laura Tate-Big top hat-Live from El Paso-811 gold rec. LLC-2020
Dudley Taft-I’m a believer-Cosmic radio-American blues artist group-2020
The BluesBones-Cruisin’-Live on stage-Donor/Naked-2020

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