Tellin’You – 9 janvier 2020 – invité Patrick Van Speybrock – 7 nights to blues festival -

Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’you-Naked prod.-2004
Big Dave-Let’s rock n’roll-Tellin’you-Naked prod.-2004
Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2016
Guy King-I am who I am and it is what it is-single
Guy King-If the washing didn’t get you (the rising will)-Truth-Delmark-2016
Corrina Greyson-I can tell
Corrina Greyson-Why I get up ?
Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-Down home girl-Who dat-2019
Denis Agenet & Nolapsters-My girl across town-Who dat-2019
Marco Pandolfi-I’m a loser-No dog in this hunt-2015
Marco Pandolfi-Sittin’ on the corner-Ambrotype-2019
Hook Herrera-Honey-Tonite-1997
Hook Herrera-Flamenco Soul-No matter what I do-Autoprod.-2011
Thomas Toussaint’s band-Two headed women-Groovin’ on up-Ep-2016
Thomas Toussaint’s band-Where were you-Groovin’ on up-Ep-2016
Junior Watson-Up and out-Nothin’ to it but to do it-Little Village Foundation-2019
Kat Riggins-A girl in the boys club-In the boys club-2018é-patrick-van-speybroeck-7-nights-to-blues-festival-wwwrqcbe/

Le jeudi de 18h30 à 20h00
95 FM ou

Le blues est une passion, le blues est le sel de toutes les musiques, le blues est le cœur.
Au Programme, Agenda, invités, Disque du mois, et du Blues à gogo.

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