Tellin’you - 29 octobre 2020 -

Johnny Gallagher and the Boxty band-The Jesus song-A 2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
Crooked Eye Tommy-Hot coffee and pain-Hot coffee and pain-Piano road rec.-2020
Bette Smith-Fistful of dollars-The Good, the Bad and the Bette-Ruf rec.-2020
Gerald Mcclendon-I started over-Can’t nobody stop me now-Delta roots rec.-2020
Vanessa Collier-If only-Heart on the line-Autoprod.-2020
Kevin Burt-Stone crazy-Stone crazy-Gulf coast rec.-2020
Lee O’Nell Blues Gand-Can you tell me-Different shades of love-Autoprod.-2020
Alastair Greene-Back at the poor house-The new world blues-Whiskey Bayou rec.-2020
Kat Riggins-Burn it all down-Cry out-Gulf coast rec.-2020
Albert Castiglia-Let the big dog eat-Wild and Free-Gulf coast rec.-2020
Vanja Sky-Voodoo mama-Woman named trouble-Ruf rec.-2020
Vanja Sky-Shadow play-Woman named trouble-Ruf rec.-2020
John Németh-Deprivin’ a love-Stronger than strong-Nola blue rec.-2020
Eric Johanson-Open hearted woman-Below sea level-Nola blue rec.-2020
Sari Schorr-The new revolution-Live in Europe-Manhaton rec.-2020
CD Woodbury-I didn’t know-World’s gone crazy-Autoprod.-2020
Fred Chapellier-Ain’t no love in the heart of the city-Best of 25 years on the road-Dixiefrog-2020
Fred Chapellier-He’s walking-Best of 25 years on the road-Dixiefrog-2020

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