Tellin’you - 25 avril 2024 -

Guy Verlinde-My little girl-Single-2024
The Supersoul Brothers-Father-By the way-Dixiefrog/Pias-2024
The Supersoul Brothers-Changing the people-By the way-Dixiefrog/Pias-2024
Chris Badnews Barnes-Badnews travels fast-Badnews travels fast-Gulf Coast rec.-2024
Chris Badnews Barnes-You right baby-Badnews travels fast-Gulfcoast rec.-2024
Boogie Beasts-Fool for you-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024
Boogie Beasts-Save me-Neon skies & different highs-Naked/Donor-2024
The Wicked Lo-down-The wildest one-Out of line-Gulf Coast rec.-2024
The Wicked Lo-down-Action woman-Out of line-Gulf Coast rec.-2024
Zacharie Defaut trio-I believe-Milady-Autoprod.-2024
Zacharie Defaut trio-I’ve got the blues-Milady-Autoprod.-2024
The Pat McManus band-Go the right-Live in France→The store for music-2023
Rob Tognoni-Eyes wide open-Rebel-2024
Manu Slide & Tristan GI 45-When my last prayer is done-Live
Gazoline Delta Love-Cut your loose-Wild cat boogie
Machine Kult-Mannish boy-Single
Erja Lyytinen-Last girl-Diamonds on the road-Tuohi rec.-2023
The Blue-Footed Boobies-This is hip-The Blue-Footed Boobies-Dixiefrog/Rock & Hall-2023
The Blue-Footed Boobies-Buggy-The Blue-Footed Boobies-Dixiefrog/Rock & Hall-2023

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