Tellin’you - 23 mai 2024 - les festivals d’août -

Muddy Gurdy-Chain gang-Homecoming-2021
Maxwell Street-Somebody has to pay-Going back-Autoprod.-2014
Wille & the Bandits-Will we ever-Live
Dawn Taylor Watson-Love to burn-Mad love-Autoprod.-2023
The BluesBones-Talking to the Lord-Unchained-Donor/Naked-2023
Monster Mike Welch-In case you care-Nothing but time-Gulf coast rec.-2023
King King-You stopped the rain-Reaching for the light-Manhaton rec.-2015
Dexter Allen-Tell somebody-Trilogy of my bluez-Autoprod.-2015
Solomon Hicks-I’d rather to be blind-Harlem-Mascot/Provogue-2020
Robben Ford-Born under a bad sign-Talk to your daughter-1988
The Crooked Nails-If all you have is a Hammer-Everything looks like a nail-Autoprod.-2023
Freddy Miller-I’m not coming home-Just be yourself-1000’R prod.-2024
Thomas Frank Hopper-Troublemaker-Paradize city-Autoprod.-2023
The Cinelli Brothers-Leave it with you-Almost exactly-Autoprod.-2024
DeWolff-Night train-Love, death & in between-Mascot rec.-2023
Red Red-Lay me down Marie-The Alabama Kid-Donor/Naked-2023
PD Martin-4T2-Soulbeat incarnate-Donor/Naked-2023

Le jeudi de 18h30 à 20h00
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Le blues est une passion, le blues est le sel de toutes les musiques, le blues est le cœur.
Au Programme, Agenda, invités, Disque du mois, et du Blues à gogo.

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