Tellin’you - 23 février 2023 -

LittleBig6ster-Living for the city-Live
Dave Keyes-Blues and boogie-Rhythm blues & boogie-Blue heart rec.-2022
Dave Keyes-Ain’t doing that no more-Rhythm blues & boogie-Blue heart rec.-2022
Moonlight Benjamin-Taye banda-Wayo-Ma case absylon/Socadisc-2023
Moonlight Benjamin-Alé-Wayo-Ma case absylon/Socadisc-2023
Tio Manuel-Bad cloud blues-Oho !-El Tio/La fugitive-2023
Tio Manuel-The moment-Oho !-El Tio/La fugitive-2023
Tomislav Goluban-Searchin’ for my baby-20 years on the road-Blue heart rec.-2022
Tomislav Goluban-Hittin’ the road again-20 years on the road-Blue heart rec.-2022
Walking Blues-Apple tree swing-Roots-Autoprod.-2022
Shapeshifted-Round and round-Single-2023
Alexis Evans-It’s not wrong-I’ve come a long way-Record kicks-2019
Daddy to the rescue-Boogie inferno-Swing Jive & Boogieband-Eigen uitgave-2016
Vaneese Thomas-He’s a winner-Fight the good fight-Blue heart rec.-2022
Dana Fuchs-Save me-Borrowed time-Ruf rec.-2022
Touch of Groove-I’ll get through this time-TOG-Autoprod.-2022
Marc Loy-Trousse la vie-Nu(e)-Autoprod.-2022
Todd Sharpville-Get outta my way-Medication time-Dixiefrog-2022
Justine Blue-Talk about it-True-WNL prod.-2022

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