Tellin’you - 20 octobre 2022 -

Boogie Beasts-Long Haired Doney-Blues from Jupiter-Naked/Donor-2022
Dissidence Blues-Waterbound-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Illinois blues-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
Karen Lovely-Waking up the dead-Fish outta water-Autoprod.-2017
Jose Ramirez-Travelling riverside blues-Here I come-Autoprod.-2020
Derrick Procell-Skin in the game-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
Derrick Procell-The contender-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
Derrick Procell-Broken promise-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
Alex Lopez-World on fire-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
Alex Lopez-Just wait-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Walk with your maker-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
Boogie Beasts-Favorite scene-Love me some-Naked/Donor-2021
Carolyn Wonderland-Fragile peace and certain war-Tempting Fate-Alligator rec.-2021
Lowland Brothers-Two pounds of loaded steel-Lowland Brothers-Wita rec.-2021
Andrew Alli-30 long years-Hard workin’ man-EllerSoul rec.-2020
Mike Wheeler & the Capitol horns-That what love will make you do-Turn up !!-Bluztrack-2022
John Németh-Sooner or later-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
John Németh-Feeling good-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
Thomas Kahn-Stay away-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022
Thomas Kahn-Flying around-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022

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