Tellin’you - 18 novembre 2021 -

Manu Slide-Shoe shine boy-Uke swing-Yokatta rec.-2021
Manu Slide-Don’t know where I’m going-Uke swing-Yokatta rec.-2021
Dissidence Blues-Yidaki blues-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
Peter Veleska & Blues Train-I’ve been missing you-Grass ain’t greener on the other side-Autoprod.-2020
Superdownhome-Long time blues-No balls, no blues chips-Dixiefrog-2021
Johnny Gallagher & the Boxty band-2020 vision-2020 vision-Dixiefrog-2020
Sweet Bourbon-The beast-Born a rebel-Autoprod.-2020
Gérard McClendon-Runnin’ wild-Can’t nobody stop me now-Delta roots rec.-2020
The BB King Blues band-Paying the cost to be the boss-The soul of the King-Ruf rec.-2019
Whitney Shay-Change with the times-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020
Skylar Rogers-Firebreather-Firebreather-Autoprod.-2021
Natalia M King-Aka chosen-Woman mind of my own-Dixiefrog-2021
Ghalia Volt-Can’t escape-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
The Ragged Roses-Right track-Do me right-Donor/RoozRumble-2021
The Reverend Shawn Amos & the Brotherhood-Troubled man-Blue sky-Put together music-2020
Altered Five Blues band-Guilty of a good time-Holler if you hear me-Blind pig rec.-2021
Tommy Z-Pumpin-Plug in & play-South blossom rec.-2021
The Blue Chevys-Willow tree-Single-Naked/Donor-2021
Gérard Lanvin-Entre le dire et le faire-Ici bas-Gel production-2021
Big Dez-Up and down the road-Chicken in the car and the car can’t go !-Socadisc-2021
Circle of Mud-Always have to run-Circle of Mud-Dixiefrog-2021

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