Tellin’you - 17 juin 2021 -

Manu Slide-Slow down-Uke Swing-2021
Manu Slide-Stray Cat Strut-Uke Swing-2021
Dissidence-Yidaki blues-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017
Boogie Beasts-Favorite Scene-single-Naked/Donor-2021
Walter Broes & the Mercenaries-Smoker-Single-Rootz Rumble-2021
Bill and the Burners-Wrong station-Live
Stef Paglia trio-Freedom-Never forget-Autoproduc.-2019
Tiny Legs Tim-Elsewhere bound-Elswhere bound-Sing my title-2019
The BluesBones-Depression-Live
The BluesBones-Psycho mind-Chasing shadows-Naked/Donor-2018
Travellin’ Blue Kings-oo many people-Single-Naked/Donor-2021
The Blue Chevys-Burning heart-Turn it back-Autoprod.-2016
Power Shake-Boogie house-Go wild !-Fête du bruit-2018
Black Mirrors-Lay my burden down-Look into the black mirror-Napalm rec.-2018
Romano Nervoso-We miss you jay reahard-The return of the rocking dead-Mottow soundz-2020
Black Box Revelation-Tattooed smiles-Tattooed smiles-Bana king rec.-2018
Fifty Foot Combo-Trop sauvage-Fifty foot combo-Drunkabilly rec.-2016
Ghalia Volt-Reap what you sow-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
Ghalia Volt-It ain’t bad-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021

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