Tellin’you - 11 février 2021 -

Ghalia & Mama’s Boys-Let the demons out-Let the demons out-Ruf rec.-2017
Ghalia-Release me-Mississippi Blend-Ruf rec.-2019
Ghalia Volt-It ain’t bad-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
Ghalia Volt-Espiritu Papago-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
Grant Haua-Got something-Awa blues-Dixiefrog-2021
Grant Haua-Tough love Mumma-Awa blues-Dixiefrog-2021
Ally Venable-Heart of fire-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
Ally Venable-Use me-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
Ally Venable-Hateful blues-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
Blue Fever-We are young-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
Blue Fever-Highway rock-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
Blue Fever-Coffin on a Limousine-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
Electro Blues Society feat. Boo Boo Davis-Secret-single-Black & Tan rec.-2021
The Bluesbones-Demon blues-single/Live on stage-Naked/Donor-2020
Sari Schorr-Turn the radio on-Never say never-Manhaton rec.-2018
Archie Lee Hooker and the Coast to coast blues band-Found a good one-Chilling-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2018
Whitney Shay-P.S. It’s not about you-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020

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Le blues est une passion, le blues est le sel de toutes les musiques, le blues est le cœur.
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