Tellin’you - 10 septembre 2020-la playlist de Phiphi & Franç

Big Dave-Pretty lil’ thing-Tellin’you-Naked prod.-2004
Red Beans & Pepper Sauce-Time to get away-Mechanic Marmalade-Autoprod.-2020
Louisiana’s Leroux-Don’t rescue me-One of those days-Gulf coast rec.-2020
Pat Mc Manus & Eric Mc Fadden-Live with me-Two big mc’s-Bad reputation-2020
Southern Avenue-Keep on-Keep on-Concord rec.-2019
Silver Travis-El Segundo-Take the high road-Autoprod.-2008
Blue Oyster Cult-Career of evil-I heart radio theater NYC2012-Frontiers-2020
JJ Mugler band-Hurtin blues-Hard luck town-Autoprod.-2010
Marcus King-Say you will-El dorado-Fantasy-2020
Mezcaleros-Juke joint blues-The preacher-Autoprod.-2020
Thunderhead-Hit and run driver-Thunderhead-Ascap-1971
Sari Schorr-The new revolution-Live in Europe-Manhaton rec.-2019
Allman Betts band-Should we ever part-Bless your heart-BMG-2020
Outlaws-Over night from Athenes-Dixie highway-SPV-2020
Electric Boys-Hangover in Hannover-The gost ward diaries-Target-2018
Owl band-Nobody’s pride-Rise-Autoprod.-2020

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