Tellin’you - 10 novembre 2022 -

Justine Blue-Gold in our hands-True-WNL Prod.-2022
Justine Blue-Bye bye big bad blues-True-WNL Prod.-2022
The Texas Horns-Everybody let’s roll-Everybody let’s roll-Blue Heart rec.-2022
The Texas Horns-Why it always gotta be this way-Everybody let’s roll-Blue Heart rec.-2022
Jeremiah Johnson-The squeeze-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
Jeremiah Johnson-Sweet misery-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Tight dress-Over the pain-Vintage laNell rec.-2022
Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Got no name-Over the pain-Vintage laNell rec.-2022
Fred & the Healers-Lovers Boogie-Hammerbeatmatic-Team 4 Action-2014
Mike Wheeler & the Capitol horns-That what love will make you do-Turn up !!-Bluztrack-2022
Thomas Frank Hopper-Into the water-Bloodstone-Rock nation-2021
Delgrès-Lundi Mardi Mercredi-4:00 AM-Pias-2021
Walking Blues-Good time-Roots-Autoprod.-2022
Smooth Gentlemen-If you want to know-New-Rip Cat rec.-2019
Dennis Johnson-Talk to you-Revelation-Booda Lee rec.-2022
Dennis Johnson-Lonesome Valley-Revelation-Booda Lee rec.-2022
PD Martin-Wild river-single-Naked/Donor-2022
Elise & the Sugarsweets-Birthrights-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
Elise & the Sugarsweets-My goddess got shapes-Horosho-Adorablues-2022

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