Tellin’you - 08 décembre 2022 -

Buddy Guy-I let my guitar do the talking-The blues don’t lie-RCA rec.-2022
Buddy Guy-Symptoms of Love-The blues don’t lie-RCA rec.-2022
Eddie 9V-Yella alligator-Capricorn-Ruf rec.-2022
Eddie 9V-Bout to make me leave home-Capricorn-Ruf rec.-2022
Jacob-I’m coming for you-Metamorphosis-Grey cat rec.-2022
Niece-Nothing left to lose-Queen of the hill-Ride the tigers rec.-2022
Michele d’Amour & The Love Dealers-If the shoe fits-Hot Mess-Blueskitty rec.-2022
Bernard Allison-Last night-Highs & Lows-Ruf rec.-2022
Brad Wilson-All kinds of a fool-Brad “guitar” Wilson-Cali bee music-2022
The Rusty Wright band-Goin’ to Nola-Hangin at the DeVille Lounge-Sadson music-2022
Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Everyone knows-Over the Pain-Vintage LaNell rec.-2022
Todd Sharpville-Brothers form another mother-Medication time-Dixiefrog-2022
Fred Chapellier-I’d rather be alone-Straight to the point-Dixiefrog-2022
Albert Castiglia-Long Haul daddy-I got love-Gulf coast rec.-2022
Bubba The Big Bad Blues-Helping hand-Drifting-Fullerton Gold rec.-2022
Jeremiah Johnson-Young and Blind-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
Laura Cox-Looking upside down-Burning bright-Verycords-2019
Little Hook-Hillburner-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017