Tellin’you - 04 janvier 2024 -

Emmanuel Picardi & the Bright Sorrow-Help the poor-Blues studies-Autoprod.-2023
Emmanuel Picardi & the Bright Sorrow-The new world-Blues studies-Autoprod.-2023
Monster Mike Welch-I’ve got nothing but time-Nothing but time-Gulf coast rec.-2023
Dave Keller-I wanna go back to Memphis-It’s time to shine-Autoprod.-2023
Manuel Paris-Mojito-Open up-Autoprod.-2023
The Crooked Nails-Alone-Everything looks like a nail-Autoprod.-2023
Paul Personne-On m’attend là-bas-Dédicaces vol II-Verycords-2023
Ashley Sherlock-Backstage wall-Just a name-Ruf rec.-2023
The Blue Footed Boobies-Want you-The Blue Footed Boobies-Dixiefrog-2023
The Marshals-New dawn-Le Pte Cham Session-Autoprod.-2023
Eddie 9V-Yella alligator-Capricorn-Ruf rec.-2023
Grant Haua-Bad mofo-Mana blues-Dixiefrog-2023
Ally Venable-Texas Louisiana-Real gone-Ruf rec.-2023
Kaz Hawkins-Hold on for home-Until we meet again-Dixiefrog-2023
DeLayne-The burn-Karu-Dixiefrog-2023
Joanna Connor-Shine on-Best of me-Gulf coast rec.-2023
Guilty Delight-Bring me back-Relax-Autoprod.-2023
The BluesBones-Talking to the Lord-Unchained-Naked/Donor-2023

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