Emission CRB

SONS OF BLUES 22/10/2020

SONS OF BLUES s’invite chez Philippe MENARD
Pour la sortie de Exile On Mémène Street en Auto prod
CD 1:My Inuit Girl/Well Done/Little Grey Eyed Girl/Always The Same/The Golden Watch
An Eye For An Eye/Our Fear Is Gone Away/Oh What A Lovely Day/She’s My 6L6 My EL34
Rescue Me For Tonight/Sexnical Nicole/Fake News/Jill & John
CD 2:We Are Twins/Some Humming in My Brain/Trapped/Here’s My Soul
Hey Girl Don’t You Cry/A Brand New Life/Save My Liver For The Cat
Someday, She’ll Talk To Me/Lying/Carmen/The Lady Of The Fourth Row
Back At The Bacchanale