Maxwell St du 31 Janvier 2023

Lex GREY AND THE URBAN PIONEERS-How many roads ?-I believe in you-Self Janice HARRINGTON-80 years of international friendship-Listen to me-Hip & Happy Records
Tomislav GOLUBAN-20 years on the road-No means no-Blue Heart Records
Will JACOBS-Goldfish blues-Dirty dog-Ruf Records
Thomas KAHN-This is real-Flying around-Musique Sauvage
Alex LOPEZ-Nasty crime-Just wait-Maremil Records
Billy TRUITT-Abstract truth-True-JT Dream Wave Music
Freddy KING-Let’s hide away and dance away-San Ho Zay-Gusto Records
Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT-Burning light-Valentine-Self
T-BEAR AND THE DUKES-Blue-You don’t know what love is-Self
Todd SHARPVILLE-Medication time-Money for nothing-Dixiefrog
Johnny SANSONE-Into your blues-Pay for this song-Short Stack Records
Gina SICILIA-Unchange-Let’s set the world on fire-Vizztone
Kai STRAUSS-Night shift-Stand strong together-Continental Blue Heaven
SUPERDOWNHOME-Blues pyromaniacs-Nobody’s twist-Dixiefrog