Maxwell St du 29 Mars 2022

Jimmy JOHNSON-Every day of your life-Down in the valley-Delmark Records
Bob STROGER & THE HEADCUTTERS-That’s my name-Talk to me mama-Delmark Records
Hanna PK-Blues all over my shoes-Insomnia blues-Vizztone
Eric BIBB-Dear America-Born of a woman-Provogue
THE SUPER SOUL BROTHERS-Shadows & lights-Only love-Dixiefrog
John MAYALLThe sun is shining down-Hungry and ready-Forty Below Records
Jimmy JOHNSON-Heap see-Heap see-Night & Day
Scott ELLISON-There’s something about the night-There’s something about the night-Liberation Hall
THE FREAKY BUDS-Hard days fuzzy nights-Way too wild-Self
Trudy LYNN-Golden girl-Take me back-Nola Blue Records
Adam SCHULTZ-Soulful distancing-Toxic medicine-Blue Heart Records
Hans THEESSINK & BIG DADDY WILSON-Pay day-Denomination blues-Blue Groove
Lowell FULSON-Live !-You’re gonna miss me-Pro Sho Bidness