Maxwell St du 29 Décembre 2020

Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Save my liver for the cat-Self
PHIL BEE-Against the wind- Born on the bayou-Soul Sacrifice Records
Benoit BLUE BOY & LES TORTILLEURS-Résolument bleu-Juste une cigarette-Tempo Records
DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Everypime I see you walking-Self
David ROTUNDO BAND-So much trouble-Hard times coming-Dreams We Share Peter VETESKA & BLUES TRAIN-Grass ain’t greener on the other side-Am I wrong pretty baby-Self
Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistake identity-Mule and the devil-Valcour Records
Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Chérie belle-Bontempsrouler
TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-Laying in the cold-Self
Shemekia COPELAND-Uncivil war-Clotilda’s on fire-Alligator Records
THE Mary Jo CURRY BAND-Front porch-Joyful-Self
Kaz HAWKINS-Memories of-At last-Self