Maxwell St du 27 Avril 2021

Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Ce que nous sommes-Three Forks Music
Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Spider in my stew-Tennessee woman-Vizztone Tomislav GOLUBAN-Express connection-Used to be someone-Blue Heart Records
SAME PLAYER SHOOT AGAIN-Our king Albert-Born under a bad sign-Five Fishes
POPA CHUBBY-Tinfoil hat-No justice no peace-Dixiefrog
AJ FULLERTON-The forgiver and the runaway-The forgiver and the runaway-Vizztone
Veronica LEWIS-You ain’t unlucky-Put your wig on mama-Blue Heart Records
Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-I like it-Self
Cash McCALL-Single-One who’s got a lot—Nola Blue Records
Archie Lee HOOKER AND THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND-Living in a memory-Parchman bound-Dixiefrog
Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-Precious time-Alligator Records
Paul SIZE-Can’t lose playing the blues-Walking with Frankie-Jeffrey Records
Dexter ALLEN-Keep moving on-Pack up my bags-Endless Blues Records