Maxwell St du 25 Janvier 2022

Crystal THOMAS-Now dig this !-I’m a fool for you baby-Dialtone
Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-Fishing in the rain-Phoebus Music
Johnny TUCKER-75 alive-Treat me good-Blue Heart Records
THE SUPER SOUL BROTHERS-Shadows & lights-Sookie sookie baby-Dixiefrog
Mr. TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-My wife is crying-Bluztrack
Wee Willie WALKER AND THE Anthony PAULE SOUL ORCHESTRA-Not in my life-Let the lady dance-Blue Dot Records
TRAINMAN BLUES-Shadows and sharps-shadows and shapes-Krudtmeer
BIG DADDY WILSON-Hard time blues-Maybe it’s time-Continental Blue Heaven
Carolyn WONDERLAND-Tempting fate-The laws must change-Alligator Records
Zac HARMON-Long as I got my guitar-Waiting to be free-Catfood Records
SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-I’m your hoochie coochie man-Dixiefrog
Katie HENRY-On my way-Bury you-Ruf Records
Mick KOLASSA-Wasted youth-Throwing away these blues-Endless Blues Records