Maxwell St du 24 Septembre 2019

Katarina PEJAK, Ina FORSMAN, Ally VENABLE-The house is rockin’-Blues Caravan-Ruf Records
MALTED MILK- To build something-Love, tears & guns-Blues Productions/L’Autre Distribution
Elles BAILEY-Medicine man-Road I call home-Outlaw Music
Paul SAN MARTIN-What can I do-A french session-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
KEB’ MO’-Cold outside-Oklahoma-Concord Records
Michael BLOOM AND THE BLUES PROPHECY-Brownsville-Whisper in the wind-Self
Nancy WRIGHT-Sugar coated love-Alive & blue-Vizztone
Ben RACINE BAND-Contagious-Live à Montréal-Self
Christone « Kingfish » INGRAM-Outside of this town-Kingfish-Alligator Records
THE CORNBREAD PROJECT-You got to choose-Catawampus-Gateway Music
TRAVELLIN’ BLUE KINGS-Wired up-Wired up-Donor Productions
Laurence JONES BAND-Everything’s gonna be alright-Laurence Jones Band-Self
Will JACOBS & Marcos COLL-Going to Berlin-Takin our time-Gaztelupeko Hotsak