Maxwell St du 23 Mars 2021

Brigitte PURDY-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-Memphis hotline-Blue Heart Records
Kaz HAWKINS-Memories of-Security-Self
MISS BIX featuring Keeshea PRATT-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-Red walls-Blue Heart Records
Grant HAUA-Awa blues-Got something-Dixiefrog
KING KING-Maverick-Whatever it takes to survive-Channel 9 Music
Cathy GRIER & THE TROUBLEMAKERS-I’m all burn-Question of desire-CG Music Works
Kid RAMOS & Bob CORRITORE-Phoenix blues sessions-Natural ball-Vizztone
Johnny GALLAGHER-A 2020 vision-Bird-Dixiefrog
Kirk FLETCHZER-My blues pathway-No place to go-Cleopatra Blues
Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-I like it-Self
Veronica LEWIS-You Ian’t unlucky-Clarksdale sun-Blue Heart Records
Kai STRAUSS-In my prime-Betting my life on the blues-Continental Blue Heaven Andres ROOTS-Single-Right across the hill-Jukka Johola