Maxwell St du 15 Décembre 2020

Layla ZOE-Nowhere left to go-Nowhere left to go-Layla Zoe Music
Greg SOVER BAND-The parade-Wake up-Grounded Soul Records
THE BLUESBONES-Live on stage-A better life-Donor Productions
Jimmie VAUGHAN-The pleasure’s all mine-I hang my head and cry-The Last Music Company
David ROTUNDO BAND-So much trouble-I must be crazy-Dreams We Share
Johnny GALLAGHER AND THE BOXTY BAND-A 2020 vision-Bird-Dixiefrog
Mick KOLASSA-If you can’t be good, be good at it !-If you can’t be good-Endless Blues Records
Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémère St.-Our fear is gone away-Self
Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Down to the bottom-Nola Blue
Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Le boogie des durs à cuire-Bontempsrouler
Elvin BISHOP & Charlie MUSSELWHITE-100 years of blues-Birds of a feather-Alligator Records
Alastair GREENE-The new world blues-Alone and confused-Whiskey Bayou Records
Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistaken identity-She stole my mojo-Valcour Records