Maxwell St du 14 janvier 2020

FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Gonna roll-Nothin’ but-Fatso Records
Betty FOX BAND-Green light-Peace in pieces-Foxy Cavanagh Productions
Johnny RAWLS-Giving you something you can feel-I miss Otis Clay-Third Street Cigar Records
THE JIMMYS-Started up again-Gotta have it-Brown Cow Productions
Jimmy “Duck” HOLMES-Hard times-Cypress Grove-Easy Eye Sound
Katy Hobgood RAY Featuring Dave RAY-Oh devil-I dream of water-Out Of The Past Music
Toronzo CANNON-I’m not scared-The preacher, the politician or the pimp-Alligator Records
POPA CHUBBY-The flavor is in the fat-It’s a mighty hard road-Dixiefrog
Matt VANDERSCHEID-Look at me, girl-Matt Vanderscheid-Self
SUGAR BLUE-And the devil too-Colors-Blue Savage Publishing
11 GUYS QUARTET-Doggin’ it-Small blues and grooves-Vizztone
Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Sweet brown eyed woman-Dog, saint and sinner-Music Box Publishing
MISS BIX & THE BLUES FIX-If you’re doing what I’m thinking-We don’t own the blues-Self
Frank BEY-He stopped loving her today-All my dues are paid-Nola Blue Records
Johnny BURGIN-You took the bait-Live-Delmark Records