Maxwell St du 13 Septembre 2022

Dana FUCHS-Borrowed time-Hard road-Ruf Records
TRAVELIN’ BLUE KINGS-Bending the rules-Too many people-Donor Productions
Derrick PROCELL-Hello mojo !-Skin in the game-Catfood Records
Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT-Burning light-Valentine-Self
Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-You shocked me-Hiding place-Vizztone
MISSISSIPPI HEAT-Madeleine-Uninvited guest-Van Der Linden Recordings
SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay !!!!!!!!!-Johnny-Pile Ou Face
Noreda GRAVES-Introducing Noreda-Everyday I have the blues-Egeamusic
Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-C.H.I.C.A.G.O.-Wind Chill Records
Gabe STILLMAN-Just say the word-Give me some time-Vizztone
Diane DURRETT & SOUL SUGA-Put a lid on it-Good news-Self
MOCKINGBIRDS-Mohair soul-My soul-Self
Chris ANTONIK-Morning star-We’re not alone-Second Half Records