Maxwell St du 12 Octobre 2021

ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Holler if you hear me-Guilty of a good time-Blind Pig Records
BOOGIE BEAST-Love me some-The one-Donor Productions
LITTLE MOUSE & THE HUNGRY CATS-Voodoo works-Lock him up-Self
Rusty ENDS BLUES BAND-Rusty End Blues Band-Secrets in the street-Earwig Music
Fred BARRETO GROUP-Moving on-Moving on-Self
Phillip Michael SCALES-Sinner songwriter-O, hallelujah-Dixiefrog
Teresa JAMES & THE RHYTHM TRAMPS-Rose colored glasses-I got a love I wanna hold on to-Blue Heart Records
Thorbjorn RISAGER & THE BLACK TORNADO-Best of-Same old lies-run Records
THE PORKROLL PROJECT-Papa didn’t raise me right-Going to the station-Roadhouse Redemption Records
Elder Jack WARD-Already made-Shout trouble is over-Bible & Tire Recordings
JOYFUL NOISE-JN-Who do you-Self
Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Chez moi-Three Forks Music
Brenda TAYLOR & HER CHICAGO BLUES BAND-Buggy ride-I’m movin’ on-Wolf Records