Maxwell St du 12 Janvier 2021

FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Nothin’ but-Moonshine-Fatso Records
DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Baby, you and I-Self
Benoît BLUE BOY-Résolument Blue-Pas danser-Tempo Records
Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Dog, saint and sinner-No hate, just pain-Music Box Publishing
Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Little grey eyed girl-Self
LEE O’NELL BLUES GANG-# Shades of love-Can you tell me-Self
Rod BARTHET-Ascendant Johnny Cash-Ascendant Johnny Cash-Festivest
Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Hello Lightnin’-Bontempsrouler
RAOUL FICEL-Sur la route-Danser le rock’n’roll-Bluesiac
TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-I know I’ve been changed-Self
CADIJO BLUES COMPAGNIE-C’est ainsi…-Monsieur blues-Self
LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune-On the sunny side of the street- Self
Fred CHAPELLIER-25 years on the road-Ain’t no love in the heart of the city- Dixeifrog
BOURBON STREET-Stop and listen-Down in New Orleans-Self
COTTON BELLY’S-Missi-Jaïs-L’Autre Distribution