Maxwell St du 11 Octobre 2022

Lily LOCKSMITH-Lily Locksmith-Praying-Enviken Records
Dave WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES-Nightwalk-Don’t ever change your ways-Delmark Records
Derrick PROCELL-Hello mojo !-The contender-Cat food Records
Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-You shokced me-The world’s in a bad situation-Vizztone
Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-I’ll be there waiting-Vizztone
LEE O’NELL BLUES GANG-This is us…-Remember-Self
Roxanne ARNALD-Elior-On the road-Dixiefrog
THE TEXAS HORNS-Everybody let’s roll-Why it always gotta be this way-Blue Heart Records
Laurent CHOUBRAC & Jean-Christophe PAGNUCCO-Miettes d’éternité-Long gone-Self
Rod BARTHET-A l’ombre des sycomores-Gar’toi loin de ma maman-Self
Duwayne BURNSIDE-Acoustic-Bad bad pain-Dolceola Recordings
Jeff DALE & THE SOUTH WOODLAWNERS-Blood red moon-That ain’t love-Pro Sho Bidness
MAMA’S BISCUITS-Love advice-I can’t be all bad-Self
ELISE & THE SUGARSWEETS-Horosho-Good morning-Self