Maxwell St du 10 Mars 2020

RAOUL FICEL-Sur la route-Regarde mieux-Bluesiac
THE BARNGUYS-Love introspection-I’m not a player-Self
Rab MAC CULLOUGH-Live Au jazz Club Etoile-Louisiane woman-Self
C.W. AYON-What they say-Carla-Self
Tomislav GOLUBAN-Memphis light-Country bag-Spona
KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once upon a time…-Bad trip-Self
Mark HUMMEL-Way back machine-Say you will-Electro Fi Records
Lazy LESTER-Yes indeed !-What you want me to do-Tempo Records
Annika CHAMBERS-Kiss my sass-That’s what you made me-Vizztone
Betty FOX BAND-Peace in pieces-Peace in pieces-Foxy Cavanagh Productions
MISS BEE & THE BULLFROGS-Miss Bee & The Bullfrogs-Platonic love-Self
PACO DUKE-Only dreams come true-Mr. Johnny-Self
Thorbjorn RISAGER & THE BLACK TORNADO-Come on in-On and on-Ruf Records