Maxwell St du 09 Mars 2021

LEE O’NELL BLUES GANG-# shades of love-Alone-Self
Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Well done
Benoit BLUE BOY-Résolument bleu-Millionaire (Tous ou presque)-Tempo Records RONAN ONE MAN BAND & Marko BALLAND-Long way from home-Going down south-Self
KING KONG BLUES-Bam bam-La machine-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
TAO RAVAO & Vincent BUCHER-Piment bleu-Madiba-Buda Musique
Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Ride on Yoko-Bontempsrouler
FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Nothin’ but-Louisiana girl-Fatso Records
TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-Brown eyed man-Self
DOC LOU & THE ROOSTERS-Back to Louisiana-In the wood-Self
Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Dog, saint and sinner-Lost in her game-Music Box Publishing
DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Oh lonesome me !-Self
Rod BARTHET-Ascendant Johnny Cash-Faux frère-Festivest