Maxwell St du 08 Octobre 2019

MISS BEE & THE BULLFROGS-Roots-Miss Bee & The Bullfrogs-Self
Coco MONTOYA-Good man gone-Coming in hot-Alligator Records
Rick ESTRIN & THE NIGHCATS-She nuts up-Contemporary-Alligator Records
Torronzo CANNON-Stop me when I’m lying-The preacher, the politician or the pimp-Alligator Records
Brad VICKERS AND THE VESTAPOLITANS-Mississippi swamp-Twice as nice-Man Hat Tone
ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Great minds drink alike-Ten thousand watts-Blind Pig Records
Delbert McCLINTON-If I hock my guitar-Tall, dark & handsome-Hot Shot Records
Bobby RUSH-Hey hey Bobby Rush-Sitting on top of the blues-Deep Rush Records
THE McNAMARR PROJECT-Can you take the heat-Holla & moan- Bahool Records
Dudley TAFT-Never fade-Simple life-Taft Enterprises
Johnny BURGIN-Blues falling-Live-Delmark Records
THE CASH BOX KINGS-Take anything I can-Hail to the Kings !-Alligator Records
Robert Connely FARR & THE REBELTONES BOYS-Hey Mr. Devil-Dirty south blues-Self
Tomislav GOLUBAN-Searchin’ for my baby-Chicago rambler-Spona