Maxwell St du 08 Juin 2021

LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS-We need hope-I was a kid-Verycords Records AWEK-Awek-Smokin’ mambo-Mojo Diffusion
KELLY’S LOT-Where and when-That fool-Self
Nathan JAMES-Soul count-In a lockdown funk-Sacred Cat Recordings
Rob STONE, Elena KATO, Hiroshi EGUCHI-Trio in Tokyo-What am I living for ?-Blue Heart Records
THE HITMAN BLUES BAND-Not my circus not my monkey-Not my circus-Nerus Records
Mark HUMMEL-Wayback machine-Breathtaking blues-Electro Fi Records
Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Les coups humains-Three Fork Music
Robert JON & THE WRECK-Last light on the highway-Oh Miss Carolina-Self
Chris GILL-Between Midnight and Louise-Back to Paradise-Self
Gerald McCLENDON-Can’t nobody stop me now-I started over-Delta Roots Records
Lisa MANN-Old girl-Old girl-Jay Ray Records
Trevor B. POWER-What is real-Easier way-Farm 189 Records