Maxwell St du 07 Juin 2022

Sven ZETTERBERG-Rain on-Blues in my heart-Pama
Diunna GREENLEAF-I ain’t playin’-Never trust a man-Little Village Foundation
Gary CAIN-Next stop-Billionaires in space-Self
Dominic SCHOEMAKER & Bob STROGER-The Soundfarm session-Blind man blues-Self
Bob STROGER & THE HEADCUTTERS-That’s my name-Something strange-Delmark Records
Jose RAMIREZ-Major league blues-Bad boy-Delmark Records
SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay-Carpe Diem-Pile Ou Face
Thomas DOUCET & THE G LIGHTS-Make love great again !-Coming out-Self Anthony GERACI-Blues called my name-That old pine box-Blue Heart Records
JIM DAN DEE-Real blues-Two timing woman-Self
BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-Say hello to Godot-Donor Productions
Michael RUBIN-I’ll worry if I wanna-Beer belly baby-Many Hat Records
Delbert McCLINTON-Outdated emotion-The sun is shining-Hot Shot Records BAREFOOT IANO-Somewhere in France-Feet-Self