Maxwell St du 07 Février 2023

Bai KAMARA Jr. & THE VOODOO SNIFFERS-Traveling medicine man-Shake it, shake it, shake it-MIG Music
Tio MANUEL-Ocho !-The moment-La Fugitive
Alyssa BOURJLATE-I’ve lost myself on the way-Hysteria-Self
Dyer DAVIS-Dog bites back-Train wreck-Wild Roots Records
WHITE FEET-Blue legacy-Hope for tomorrow-la Clique
Laura COX-Head above water-So long-Verycords
Philipp FANKHAUSER-Heebie jeebies-Just one more time-Funk House Blues Productions
Paul FILIPOWICZ-Pier 43-Old time superstition-Self
Willie DIXON-I love the life I live-Hidden charms-Capitol Records
LONE STAR MOJO-Rough around the edges-Gold digger-Self
Eric BIBB-Ridin’-Blues funky like dat-Dixiefrog
Laurent CHOUBRAC & Jean-Christophe PAGNUCCO-Miettes d’éternité-Hello partenaire-Self
THE ELECTRIC DUKES-The Electric Dukes-Don’t make it so hard on me-Self
Andy J. FOREST-I don’t wanna work-Startin’ all over-Appaloosa Recordsévrier-2023/