Maxwell St du 05 Mai 2020

King Solomon HICKS-Harlem-Headed back to Memphis-Provogue
Robert CRAY BAND-That’s what I heard-Hot-Nozzle Records
ROOMFUL OF BLUES-In a Roomful of blues-Phone zombies-Alligator Records
Casey HENSLEY-Good as gone-Good as gone-Vizztone
KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once apon a time…-Autumn blues-Self
Johnny BURGIN-Live-When the bluesman comes to town-Delmark Records
RONAN-Lonesome wolf-Lonesome wolf-Self
Fabrice FALANDRY-Le goût de l’effort-L’envie-Yokatta Records
THREE GAMBEROS-Lucinda-Lucinda-Self
ELISE AND THE SUGARSWEETS-It can’t go wrong-I’m on fire-Self
DOC LOU & THE ROOSTERS-Crowing blues-I am free-Self
Denis FLAICHEZ-The things I should-They call me mad dog-Self
Bernard ALLISON-Songs from the road-Feels kind of funny-Ruf Records